How to get 2nd D2 instance with version switcher?


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How to get 2nd D2 instance with version switcher?

Hi! I'd like to get a 2nd instance of D2 started, so I can try to hunt the Cow King.

I have WinXP, and I have setup the loopback network thing, so XP will think its got a TCP connection. I setup multiple users for windows, and figured out how to switch users. So far so good.

BUT, I use the scripts to let me have multiple versions of D2 installed at the same time. (the ones linked here in the SPF FAQ)

On the first user, (who I want to host), I run the game using the script. This sets up for 1.10 and starts D2. I host a TCP game.

Then I go back to windows, switch to my alternate user, and I want to start diablo.

I know I can't run the script again, because it does things like renaming the files and updating the registry. So I thought I could just run the exe in the subdirectory.

However, it's not working. When I try to run game.exe, it appears to do some initial start up, the cursor changes to the cdrom icon, and it checks if I have the D2 disk in the cddrive (which I do). But then it just seems to end, and I'm left at windows.

It never gets to the point where it starts the Blizzard logo or the D2 intro movie.

Do I need a special modified dll to allow me to have 2 instances of D2 running? I thought that was only if I *wasn't* already using XP to have 2 different users running?

Thanks for your help! Maybe if I can get this working, I might someday collect the Cow Kings Leathers


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Thanks, nevermind, I figured it out.

I had to make a shortcut to the diablo2.exe in the main directory, but with the "run in directory" set to my 1.10 directory. Then I could finally start D2 on my 2nd user in Xp.

Did a couple of cow runs. Much nicer when you can kill the King instead of being worried about accidently killing him. Got a bunch of gems so far...