How to edit Wiki pages?


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How to edit Wiki pages?

At set pages for The Disciple the armor under item name is described as (Excep Quilted Armor) and the right info is a dusk shroud, tried to edit it but cant open it to edit, can someone say how to edit or if that is only for staff can one fix it?


Re: How to edit Wiki pages?

anyone with a forum ID who is logged in should be able to edit pages in the wiki. only admins can delete pages, but other functions are entirely democratic. it's possible to set pages with permissions so they're locked to non-admins, but I can't think of any on which we've done that. (Edit: the main page is locked, for one.)

Update: I fixed the armor quality mention and took out some of the lingering v1.09 page notes, and formatted the partial set bonuses bit. I guess I have to add making a quick sweep over the set item pages to the list; those old pre-expansion notes and comments vex me. And not in a high level rune sort of way.
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