How to determine stats for an "upped" item


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How to determine stats for an "upped" item

I'm currently playing a HC Conc Barb, at level 45 in Act 1 Nightmare. Milb traded me a Butcher's Pupil, which is doing great at the moment, but he guessed it would begin to lose some steam towards the end of Nightmare, and he suggested that I might want to "up" the item.

The question is: how can you know in advance what the requirements will be? If I "up" the item too early I may not be able to use it for a while, so I'm asking in advance.


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I would go to and look in the items area find youre weapon base type
then look at the elite version for the base weapon type
In the case of butchers the base is cleaver, the elite base would be small crecent wich has lvl req of 45 stre req of 115 and a dex req of 83


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iirc the level requirement will be abit higher than the elite version can't remember exact number


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You've already been given the stat requirements. For the level requirement, you take the highest number of either the requirement for the base item (45 for a Small Cresent), the unique item (39 for the Butcher's Pupil), or any runes, gems or jewels socketed in the item (say 69 for a Zod rune).

Then, you add 5 if you are going from normal to exceptional, and 7 if you are going from exceptional to elite. If you are double upgrading something, you add 12.

So, in this case (since I'm assuming you won't be using that Zod rune) your new required level will be 45+7=52.

Edit: Or you could just use Naab's calculator. :grin:


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Have you got the link to the Weapon Speed calculator? That's pretty useful too in planning builds


Cattleya said:
So, in this case (since I'm assuming you won't be using that Zod rune)


:laughing: ROFL at Zodded Butcher's! :grin:

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