How to build a PK sorc in 1.10?


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How to build a PK sorc in 1.10?

I wish to build a new sorceress, and after the introduction of the synergies I thought to myself that single elemental sorcs would possibly benefit the most. Should I specialize completely in one tree, or focus on skills from several trees? I'm leaning more towards

20 - Thunderstorm
20 - Lightning Mastery
20 - Nova
20 - Charged Bolt
1 - Warmth
1 - Teleport

Note: Max Resist / Blocking is also going to be done.

And the rest of the point into something else possibly. This sorceress is purely for dueling other characters, and nothing more. I have neglected Frozen Orb, can it be done or is it absolutely necessary.


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thunder storm isnt as good as it was in pre 1.10 u would be better off makeing a cold sorc but lightning can still be done. u should focus on lightning and max light mastery, lightning and the synergies to lightning

20 charge bolt
20 lightning
20 chain lightning
20 nova
20 lightning mastery

max resist and block and after this try and get as much -X% lightning esist as u can, griffon eye(ladder only item) with lightning facet is good and lightning facets in items. with top of the line items u can have lightnng doing 40000 damage, chain lightning doing 14000, charge bolt doing 900. the only draw back to lightning and chain lightning is has a slower cast then other sorc spells but 1-5 hits can kill most ppl

hope this helps some, have fun


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Just a comment:
PK = Player Killer = someone running about killing people at random, non duel
PvP = Player vs. Player = Dueling

Thats a pretty disticntion since PK is simply not a char someone would like to see posting ;)


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Where's your attack spell? Charged bolt isn't going to do damage to anyone, with nova you're basically dead and thunderstorms damage is a lot worse than in .09 as well.

Oh and you can call pubby dueling pk, meli ;)


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Anybody have any suggestions besides the ones I made?

Because I don't think I really got helped lol. I would like to know what the most popular temp for a sorc is nowadays.


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a naked sorc with maxed blizzard and cold mastery already is a born massacre specialist

no one's stacking cold resists in pvm


gogo fireball


Hmmm Looks like most are going with Blizard or fire stuff like FB / Meteor . I'll stick with FO and synergy myself . Although with the right equiptment you can really cut the cold damage someone does to you .