How to best build up dual-tree sorceress?

Ed from Russia

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How to best build up dual-tree sorceress?

I am thinking of starting to build a Fire/Cold sorceress, for PvM single player. This will be my first serious Sorceress, after some builds just to try out things and see what I like.

I have a 2 questions:

1) in developing skills, would you recommend first to build up one tree (Cold) before starting on the other (Fire)? Or is it better to build them up at the same speed? The first option will probably mean I'll go through Normal / NM quicker, but I will have problems with immunities.

2) How common are dual-immunes in NM and Hell?


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There are very few immunes in norm. There are also very very few dual immunes in NM. (there's not even that many in hell).

To answer your question - Build up one tree first, then start branching out to the 2nd tree when you are in NM.

For meterobs (and I'd think blizzballers too) - build your cold tree first. frozen orb will pretty much take you all the way through NM by itself. (which is kinda weird as in hell you rely on your fireballs much more than orb.


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Blizzball Guide.

The Blizzball is rather different in the way you set her skills up. Max Fireball first, as it will tear through normal, and the 1 yard radius splash helps for crowd control.

Then max Blizzard, followed by IceBlast or GlacialSpike, with 1 point in CM, and more later to reach slvl 17 CM after +skills. This will take you through NM, and on through Hell.

Finally, max Meteor to synergise Fireball, and both together will be used in Hell for CIs.

Remaining points will go into the cold tree to either pump CM or pump another Blizzard synergy.

Noite Escura

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I don't agree much with the order stated in the Meteorb guide. I don't see a point in waiting to level 24 to start increasing a spell. I would start pumping Fireball from lvl 12. They say it takes too much mana per cast to be practical on an untwinked char, but with some points in it you'll kill everything in 1-2 casts.
I always follow this sequence:
-Put spare points into Fireball until level 23.
-Pump Meteor until 30(makes Fireball more powerful without adding to cost)
-Save the points from Izual quest until 30 then use them in the 2 masteries.
-From 30 on Max Frozen Orb, then some Cold Mastery.
-Then, start working on Fire spells again. If you feel you have mana max Fireball first, otherwise distribute them evenly.
-Pump Fire Mastery last.
As for your question, dual immunes are not common, you'll never see them in groups. They are always a pack leader that spawned with a second immunity. Or some boss type(like Countess which is always dual immune). They are even rarer in Nightmare, though they can spawn there too...

Epsilon Eyez

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Yeah, its easier to start with one tree and branch at the other, usually after 40 points or so (unless its Frozen Orb, which is a special case).