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How to Activate Uber Bosses (SP)

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by BrecMadak, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. BrecMadak

    BrecMadak Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 5, 2012
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    Hello there, I for one as well is one of those players who gives long breaks to this classic and then starts again; me and my friend started to play once again where we left since last time. And since he's not comfortable with the idea of playing DII with plugy (he considers it as hack like considered in here) I wanted to ask you if there is any mod that is out there that enables uber bosses working without any problem with 1.13d to be exact ?

    AFAIK RWM which we play with already enables ladder only uniques to be droppable beside activating ladder only runewords, but not sure whether it also increases game difficulty as original ladder system does so ? So incase, it doesn't any mod that handles this, please state it.

    Any answer would be handy, thanks !
  2. Noodle

    Noodle Moderator

    Jul 18, 2003
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    Hello Brec!

    I'm not aware of any mod that allows for this except for plugY, which as you mentioned is considered a hack here. Thyiad has actually posted some guidelines for how players who are curious can check it out without being considered to have cheated or "tainted" their SP characters.

    The relevant part reads:

    "Ubers & DClone Mods in Single Player
    • There is a mod which is unsupported on the SPF that enables uber-like monsters in SP
    • The AI is not correctly implimented and the experience is NOT the same as bnet
    • The mod is not supported because it has several other very unwelcome add-ons which are not accepted in the MP/Trade pool
    • There is also an unsupported mod which replicates DClone by turning another monster into it. IE goto Stony Field and Rakiswakyishu is now DClone

    If you wish to use those mods and continue MP/trade in the SP(T)F you should:

    • Completely back up their characters and stashes
    • Install the mod
    • Kill the ubers/dclone
    • Delete the affected character/stashes
    • Uninstall the mods
    • Restore to the back-ups (pre-mod)
    • Ensure no items/experience has been gained.

    Unless you're really tidy about that sort of thing, it is best NOT to use the mods. "

    Here's a link:

    Also, my understanding is that ladder-only uniques drop in SP even without RWM, and that the SP difficulty level is in line with that of ladder play. (Of course, being SP, you can also use the /players x command to increase the difficulty, experience, and drops.


    - Noodle

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