How strong is your Hireling?!


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Yeah, most of the hirelings play a very supportive role but I am pretty sure you have a few characters where your hireling is mostly offensive. So, how strong is your hireling? Which combo do you think fits better for a devastating hireling along with your character?

I love my zealots Hireling. He can solo hell in p8 game!
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I don't have much experience of building around a mercenary, but I would think perhaps an enchantress would have the best mercenary?


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Enchantress with a barb merc with Azurewrath should at least have the immunities covered. However, a Defiance merc with "Fortitude" eth elite pole, eth upped Guardian Angel "UM" and eth Vamp Gaze "UM" is pretty much impossible to kill. Add in Shout from a barb, and there's no way to land a physical hit, and elemental hits are pretty much negated unless conviction.


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I enjoy the Prayer merc with Insight, Andy's and Treachery. I find that once the Fade triggers, that merc is a better tank than I am. I will occasionally switch auras to Might but that is my default merc setup.