How old is too old?


How old is too old?

Every child has a favorite and very special blanky. They sleep with it, they walk around with it, they hold the blanky very tightly at all times.

But how old is too old to have a blanky?

Certainly those that are approaching the teen years or later should have parted with the dearly special blanky years ago!

I implore you OTF help all those still clinging to the babyhood blanky rise up to the challenge!

Let the blanky rest!

C'mon DOC you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!11:thumbsup:
I'd say 3 or 4 would be too old to walk around with a blanky, or clutching it all the time. Sleeping in the same bed with it; I think that can go on a bit longer.


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You can have it at 18, but only to rat tail people.

Stuffed animals, however, can go on for much longer.


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If it's a blankie from your parents, then it should be gone by the time you're in your teens.

If it's a quilt your grandmother made you for high shcool graduation, it's fair game for use.

If it's a fleece blanket made by your girlfriend for your 23rd birthday, it's fair game for use.:thumbsup:


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Gorny said:
Every child has a favorite and very special blanky.
I don't remember ever having one.

bg1256 said:
If it's a quilt your grandmother made you for high shcool graduation, it's fair game for use.
Agreed. I am 39 and still have one my grandmother made for me. It's funny that one side of it is a space theme. I treasure it.


The blanky you sleep under is one thing, but I mean the one like linus carrys aroundin Peanuts.

Linus = DOC ?

*runs from DOC*


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I would have to say there is a difference between carrying it around with you Linus style, having a lovey (blanket, stuffed animal, etc) in order to sleep, and having a functional blanket for the bed.

carrying it with you - by the time the kid is off to school (5)
needing it to sleep - sometime in elementary school
blanket for the bed - until it is too ratty to keep


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I still remember my baby blanky. I wish I knew what happened to it though...

I have a teddy bear that I bust out to sleep with whenever my wife is gone...cuddling with the pillow just isn't the same...


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I think you need to look at what your child is in need of carrying it around, more than the age. It's something to comfort them, to keep anxiety at bay. What are they anxious or nervous about? When do they leave it behind, or forget about? I think you need to examine the problems that cause them to clutch the blanket tighter, and find a solution for them, rather than think "X is too old for this kind of behaviour."
My 3 oldest each have something special that they sleep with--
oldest (11)--A blanket made I made for my dad, before that it was a blanket she'd had since she was a baby, 7 yr old--A stuffed dog he got when he was 2 and a baby blanket, 6 yr old---a teddy bear she's had since she was quite tiny.
I still have my "blanket" neatly folded and put away for sentimental value.


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I never had a blanky in that sense. I did however have this cool spaceships and asteroids and whatever blanket made for me by an aunt or great-aunt or grandmother (can't remember now) that was awesome, like Amra. I didn't carry it around or anything but I did sometimes use it as a cape. I also used to sit under my corner desk and put it over the entrance so it made a space backdrop and I'd pretend I was in a spaceship.

If they're carrying it around for comfort I'd say anything over eight is pushing it. Girls can get away with more than boys though.


I'm 18.

I still have my blanky. Actually I have two.:grin:

But they're at home.

I love those things, though one is getting to be pretty delicate. I still sleep with them when I'm at home. It's a strange thing really. I can sleep great anywhere else; dorm, friends house in a sleeping bag, my house in a sleeping bag, hotels. Getting to sleep at home is much easier if i have my blankies. They're also magical. When in summer it's really hot and hard to get to sleep, my blankies are always cool and are especially useful for falling asleep. It's also generally nice to have something that you can use while leaving your feet uncovered.

I've essentially never used them outside of my bedroom in many years, though, so I'm not worried about attachment issues :tongue:

One blanky is yellow, one is blue. I got to UMichigan, GO BLUE!... I guess it was my destiny from birth :cool: