How often do you switch skill/aura, etc while playing? ifr


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How often do you switch skill/aura, etc while playing?

I have 2 Mats and on my way to a 3rd Pat (level 78 Pali in Act II Hell). I have found that I almost never switch from my main skill. Right now my Pali is basically a straight hammerdin using Conc and if need be, I may I do a weapon switch and use Zeal with conc. I really only use my main skill and hardly ever auras. I guess I am too hard headed and just say screw it, I'm gonna keep with this until I finally kill what I have to kill. Plus I never bother to set my skill buttons, so it makes it harder to do a switch.

Anyone else do dumb things like this yet still keep on doing them?



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dokhogg said:
Plus I never bother to set my skill buttons, so it makes it harder to do a switch.
Sounds very familiar. :D At best I will have a different set of skills (barb cries, sorc thunderstorm, whatever) on one weapons switch and use "W" to get to them.
dokhogg said:
Plus I never bother to set my skill buttons, so it makes it harder to do a switch.
Anyone else do dumb things like this yet still keep on doing them?
Wow how do you play with out hotkeys!?!?!? I dont get it i cant play w/o my hotkeys(f1-f12) I f i play a pally i dont switch my aura but i do have it hotkeyed so i can do tp's and switch back real fast,


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Well, I play necro a lot and I don't have enough of 12 hotkey'ed skill heh. They requiere a lot of spell/curses to be effective.


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Conc for main aura and then flashing Redemption during or after for ... redemption.

Vigor for running around real, real fast!


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Gasp... No hotkeys? You're weird! :D As soon as I learned you could set hotkeys I was thrilled, and I have never looked back. Al my chars have TP on F8... All my sorcs have teleport on F5. It's so much faster then changing the skill manually all the time.


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I always use hotkeys...well mostly, a fanatic zealot is probably not going to switch aura/skill very much. Still switching to vigor or redemption or something is very cool. Some builds are more hotkey intensive than others, but I can't imagine playing Diablo II without hotkeys :eek:

I've tried to teach myself to use letters (asdzxc) instead of the f1-f9 keys but after so many years I have been totally conditioned so it's too difficult to switch.


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It depends totally on my character. Least hotkeys has been with my Swordmistress. For a long time, I had Attack on left-click and Slow Missiles on right-click and almost never changed it. I do have TP on a hotkey but if I´m not in a hurry, I open inventory and right-click the tome to cast it.

On the weapon switch, I have Throw and Terror (charges from shield).

But now that she has managed to make a Passion sword, there are suddenly 3 more hotkeys to master...

Most hotkey intensive are some of my necros, assassins and especially barbarians. With those classes, I sometimes use 5-6 different skills in the span of just a few seconds. Sometimes I have to live without hotkeys to some skills I use (less often). 16 buttons are not enough!

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Seriously, take the time to master using asdf and the surrounding keys as your hotkeys. I did it about 18 months back and it changed my ability to play the game well markedly. It probably helps a bit if you have some touch typing ability and hence know where each key is without looking. Oh, and having the space bar for highlighting items straight under your thumb absolutely rocks!


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I use the mouse wheel to scroll through my right-click skills which is very stupid as it takes time and you have to concentrate that you stop scrolling when you have the desired skill.

It's just laziness and I have the feeling that one day it will be my doom (where is teleport...too late)


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I keep the same skill pretty much on the left button, usually using weapon switch to alternate between two skills unless I have to have that weapon for both. Then I mousewheel between about 5 skills on the right, and I can memorize that pattern and switch it very fast. I cannot type "properly" because I'm not coordinated enough to hit the right key more than 50% of the time so I can't use hotkeys effectivly. This, of course, is why I've never been able to get a MA sin to survive past normal.


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I never got too good at hot keying either. My left hand usually is in charge of potions and what not. Still... I can see the point to it. I have yet to really play a character than needs the hot keys as much... like the aformentioned MA assassin. I'll get around to re-assigning the F1-8 keys to qwerasdf some day.


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Ever since I went asdf, I haven't gone back. Ticks me off you can't reassign keys in Sacred but that's another story.

Assassins, Necros and now barbs (I never used a warcry other than BO in 1.09) I've found need a lot of hotkeys to be truly effective.


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i always set TP to middle mouse buton, no matter what the character.

I also set my main skills up as SPACE, z, x, c, v, d, f, g, e

Reason I use this setup is that I'm often holding ALT to scan for dropped items, so its easy to have those keys handy


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i must be weird
I use F1-F4 for 'occasional skills' usually those used in town, prebuffed or summons (necro & druid summons, shadowmaster, venom, valkyrie, holy shield, bone armor, etc)
my left hand usual rests on 1-4, which are my main skills (although on most characters this usually extends out to 6 or 7 depending on how many auxilary skills I decide to use)
poitions are on qwer
space bar is stand still and `~ to the left of 1 is show items

my avenger pali doesn't switch much, just the occasional redemption or cleansing when needed. My cleric is on redemption most of the time, but switches to cleansing often, as well as sanctuary during WSK runs to protect the party from gloams


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Obviously it's character-dependent.

My Sorceress spends most of her time switching around between F4 (Blizzard), F5 (Teleport), and whenever CIs are around F6 (Static). In dire emergency there's always F8 (TP tome).

My javazon has two switches, the first being a rare Great Pilum (no Titan's yet :( ) which uses Lightning Fury (F5) almost exclusively. The second switch is a Thunderstroke which is defaulted to Charged Strike (F3) and I switch it to Jab (F2) for LIs, as it does more physical damage than my other weapon.

For emergency use there's always normal attack (F1) and Throw (F4).

My Hammerdin hasn't levelled up enough to need anything other than BHammer (F3) and Concentration (no hotkey yet as I don't have Redemption or any other useful auras. I might hotkey Vigor later though). He does have normal attack (F1) and Zeal (F2) for tight spots though.

Whilst I don't have an MA assassin on the go right now they normally have a simple system:

TS (F1), CS (F2), PS (F3), <optionally elemental skills F4-F6, otherwise:> DClaw (F4 or F7). Shadow Master goes wherever there's free space.


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I have been playing a barbarian frenzy singer build and I've found them to be more hotkey dependant than any other class. I use 20 hotkeys ALL THE TIME with him. That's not including the potion slots in 1-4. Its a shame that even with all that rapid button hammering I'm still not killing very quickly. Having come from playing an overlord necromancer, a meteorb sorceress and a ls/cf javazon... that's not surprising though.

I figured out how to change hotkeys years ago and really haven't looked back. It ticks me off that so few games support it now... I've become spoiled.


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The main reason why d2 still ranks way higher in my books over other rpgs is its controls. I can hotkey anything I want, and completely customize every action with my keyboard, mouse and even mouse wheel. Since I'm mainly a starcraft player where raw speed is extremely important, I really love to abuse the hotkeys in d2. The most dificult character to play in this respect must be certain types of assassins. Especially pvp non-trap ones where you have to use 10 different skills constantly and split second timing is everything.


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I use a variety of skills on all my (struggling) characters.

For my primary weapon switch, I usually find a way to map three right-click skills to mousewheel up, mousewheel down, and mousewheel click. I always map three skills here, even if some of them are totally useless. You just never know when they'll come in handy. Those three skills plus the left-click skill (which I never change) give 4 skills on the primary slot. That's usually enough, except for an assassin or some other weird builds of char in which case I use other hotkeys like "A," "D," etc. But I don't like to use keyboard hotkeys b/c I don't want to hit the wrong one by accident and die as a result. The mouse is just more precise.

For most of my characters I don't use the secondary weapon switch for attacking. Usually I end up with some sort of "casting" skill on there with appropriate items (like find item, summon golem, using charges of lower resist, etc). So if you add the right-click skill from here, that gives 5 skills total that I use on most of my chars. That's a decent amount, I think.

EDIT: I never hotkey TP or ID tomes, or keep TP scrolls in my belt, either. Maybe that's why I can't seem to get to Guardian...grrrr...