How much should have in Streng/dex/vit/mana?


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How much should have in Streng/dex/vit/mana?

Hey, im new to this game and new to this chrac.. i havent upgraded anything, so i just want to know how much Streng/dex/vit/mana should i have?

and what is best: COLD, Lighting or FIRE? I have a tal set, a friend of my gived me that for free so.. i dont know how much i should upgrade osv.. btw is TAL set GOOD?

btw what does PVP AND PVM means?


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For pretty much any character nowadays, it's:

-Enough strength for equipment
-No dex/enough for equipment/enough for max block. (depending on your character's needs)*
-As much as possible in Vitality
-Zero/as little as possible in Energy (it may suck at first, but level ups and equipment should get you enough mana. besides, potions exist)

I'd suggest a dual-tree build, since immunities will be hard to deal with. Three good dual-tree setups are:
-"Meteorb" (despite the name, actually uses Fireball with Frozen Orb)
-Chain Lightning/Frozen Orb
-"Blizzballer" (Blizzard/Fireball)

Guides for all three can be found in the sorceress forum.

Tal Rasha's set is very good for dual-tree builds.

PvM= Player vs. Monsters (aka regular gameplay)
PvP= Player vs. Player

Also, are you playing on Ladder or Non-ladder?


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Okay, since you're ladder, it'd probably be a good idea for you to use a "spirit" runeword shield, which means you'll be going with no dexterity (the dex. required for max block on that thing is insane). You'll need about 154 strength, unless you'll definitely have gear that gives you some strength. Note that since you won't be blocking, you shouldn't stay in the enemies' line of fire for too long... (casters trying to tank = bad idea)

Tal's set will be just fine for MF, though there are better things that you'll eventually get. For now, just add sockets to the helm and armor, and fill those sockets with Perfect Topazes for MF (or something else, if it will increase your survivability).

For your other equipment, just remember that survivability and killing speed is more important than MF. Note that MF also has diminishing returns, so don't go too far out of your way to load on as much as you can.


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Sounds like you're off to a good start. Full Tal set is a great place to start. I still have 2 sets that I use full time. Even for the truely rich players its hard to beat.

Combining it with a spirit shield is also good. (it takes 156 str though, not 154.) The stat placement advice above is right on. SO for you that's 156 Str and everything else in Vit. If you get some gear (rings or boots) that give you +str, then you can subtract that amount from 156 and add it into vit of course.

I'd recommend getting a pair of magefists for the FCR and an added fire skill and mana regen are nice too.

With Full Tal Set + Spirit + magefists you can hit the 105% Fast Cast Rate (FCR) breakpoint. In order to do this you'll need to get a perfect 35% FCR Spirit. If you don't get a perfect FCR spirit, then just add in a FCR ring (they all come with 10% FCR).

I'd recommend a Nagel ring or a SOJ (stone of jordan) for your 2nd ring slot.

For boots the best MF ones out there are War Travellers. They come with 10 str too, so that makes your spirit shield easier to wear.

I'd start by working on trying to get all the gear listed above. Then you should try to get a Sorc Torch. After that work on getting an annilus charm.

Enjoy the game and welcome to the forum.


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Excellent advice that has been given so far.

If you want to MF, then I'd narrow the list down to Meteorb and Blizzball. Both are very good at running Hell Mephisto, which is your main target for getting good stuff fast. Tal's set with a Spirit shield and a few resistance charms should be more than enough for you to max your resistances in Hell.

The only other thing I have to add is:
You'll need about 154 strength...(for a Spirit monarch)
Where's PhatTrumpet when you need him? :grin: