How much of a factor is Dexterity in Determining Attack rating? de


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How much of a factor is Dexterity in Determining Attack rating?

For my latest build, I've been experimenting with +Dex items in order to increase my chance to hit. Just how much of an impact will plus dex items have? I don't have any charm slots left and I'm kinda partial to a +3 combat skills/17 Damage Reduce amulet I'm using, are there any other good ideas for increasing ar other than adjusting dex and using angelic ammy and rings?


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u can always try for ravens as they're cbf is also a very good mod. otherwise ar isn't needed too much for pvm, its pvp where it counts.


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Thanks Gorash, I have 1 raven now but may add another.
Here's my dilema:
I'm trying the Abbott build using Griswold's set. Up until high nm, everything was proceeding on schedule however in the higher levels, I'm noticing 2 problems that I'm trying to rectify.
1. My mana replentish from my Merc's Insight is not adequate to sustain me, and
2. My AR has dropped significantly (especially noticed in nm WSK).
I've substituted the 2 Nature's Peace rings with a ravenfrost and am playing with second ringslot (perhaps rare with ML and high AR, second ravenfrost or Manald heal).
I'm trying not to deviate too much from the Abbott mantra (resists, plus skills and damage reduce) however, I need to fix these problems and adjust my endgame strategy.
Any ideas, greatly appreciated.