How much longer will you play D2?


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I will keep playing until I finish the grail I believe. I might take a few breaks in the future, I have a few games I am keeping my eye on. Doom3, Halflife2, and Sacred looks promising.


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Until I get the chars I want through Hell... I tend to lose interest quickly so I am an on/off player...


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I have played since its release with only three breaks, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. I'd like to, but there's really nothing else to do where I live (middle of nowhere, Alaska...). I'm hoping that a new game comes out that can hold my interest, but it's doubtful. I probably wouldn't have played this long if Blizzard had gotten the game right the first time, or at least in their first few tries. All these bugs and fixes just keep us coming back for more, hoping that maybe this time, they'll get everything just right. We're all pathetic, you know that, right?