How much longer will you play D2?


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I would be surprised to see someone who has owned D2 since release and has never taken some sort of break. I myself took two or three such breaks so far and will probably be taking more before I stop playing for good. Hell I still play D1 sometimes :lol:


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I reckon I'll just keep on starting and stopping and restarting until I just get completely bored. So far, this is the leading contender for those few idle hours after work. But I know I'll get bored eventually. C'est la vie. :yawn:


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Im the same as most ppl. I've been been playing since the original d2. I quit then lod came out, quit again and am now playing again cause of 1.10. most of the time i quit cuase d2 just takes too much of my time.


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I probably stop playing soon, since i got more and more into Nwn, but im still gonna finish my latest d2 project. (a martial sassy and a bowazon)
and i proll just delete my stash or give it to my gf, if she hasnt got tired of the game.


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i think im going to play untill a train hits me i suppose :teeth:

nah i have had so much breaks due to computer/relation/school problems every time i see this game it has something new... just like now, my compu was broken down fr 2 weeks, ust when i have it backmy GF throws it out of the window because she decides our relationship has come to an end and i thought we could talk about it, how naive was I :(
anywayz, i thought i was fed-up with this game but during this 2 weeks break i have planned a pure bow-a-zon, hammerdin, a new druid i came up with etc,... cant wait to play again.

Ow and the demo for Sacred looks soo cool too, really wanna try that out, looks ike a sweet mix of ragnarok and diablo :thumbsup:


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I'll probably play until I have completed each character build that I want to test. And its a big list, so I'll be here a while.



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Spook_Cell said:
I would be surprised to see someone who has owned D2 since release and has never taken some sort of break. I myself took two or three such breaks so far and will probably be taking more before I stop playing for good. Hell I still play D1 sometimes :lol:
umm, does it count that I've played it from the d-day, with only breaks being that occasionally I've started some other game such as NHL200* (whichever was available at the time :lol:), played a few games there and then continued with D2 again?

Yea, I know I'm crazy...

And also so very much bored with the game right now :p


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If blizzard keeps adding things to the game, i can see myself playing for a much longer time but for now, i can see myself stopping by end of this year or when frozen throne releases a new patch


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I've been playing this game on and off since it came out. The last year or so it's been mostly like that I'd start a character, play him/her until I reached Hell and then I'd be sick of the game for a couple of months... rinse and repeat... currently I'm quite bored with it again and probably won't really play much in the coming weeks... NWN is what I do now in my spare time, and Need for Speed Underground.


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I'll probably play for at least a year. I have an old PC (PII 350) which won't let me play any new games. I probably won't get a new PC til sometime next year. On top of that my play time is very limited, and currently I don't really want to put any time into learning the ropes in a new game.


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I'm playing with good time at the moment, but I will quit after I finish my current HC necro. I will still visit here, maybe post, but not regular play anymore (few runs at weekend maybe).


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I suppose I'll keep playing every now and then for a while. I'll try to get a character with 00ber gear, then give away a lot of stuff :)


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i_marsolek said:
I have noticed quite a few people are hanging D2 up or at least cutting their playing time down-yet we still have 50+ members viewing D2 related material in our forum at the moment. I don't think I will last much longer personally. D2 has been great, but I think of things that might have been or could be if I was to devote my time differently. I am trying to finish my HC characters and have decided not to start any new characters. Anyway, just out of curiousity how much longer do you think you will play?

Quite a while longer. I gave it a rest for a year twice allready.
ive played about 7 months, and until i find an even better game that can take up hours of time without being boring, i will most liekly paly this. or utnil i complete a HC eth grail of all 1.10 items, inc all runes, and all possibel variations of each item. that should fill some time.


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I have been playing off and on since Diablo first came out. I will probably continue to play for quite a while as there are a variety of builds that I want to try.

...and Ultimater is correct when he says Diablo is like dope. :flip:


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I doubt if I ever stop playing Diablo

I got hooked up with D1 (right from the beginning) and never really stopped playing. Although there where periods where I played other games (mostly MP in a LAN) as well.