How much Life/Mana for Blizz/FW Sorc?!!?! HELP!


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How much Life/Mana for Blizz/FW Sorc?!!?! HELP!

I'm building a Blizzard/Firewall Mfer for all round mfing (especially Mephisto). I'm wondering how much life I should have at lvl 80? Also, about how much mana should i have? Since both of these spells are timered, I don't expect to need HUGE amounts of mana but how much should I have to kickass? I really appreciate any response. Thanks!


My Gear is:

Um Shako
Enigma Dusk Shroud
IST Occy
Sanctuary Hyperion
Arachnid Mesh
Chance Guards
War Travellers
2x Sojs
2 Sorc Skills, 20% FCR ammy, 50+ Life and Mana

Not sure if this helps. Also, I have no idea about what charms to use. Any suggestions?


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I seriously do not see why no one will help me with this simple question. I'm just asking any of you experienced with sorceresses if you could help me out with this aspect. Any advice please?


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I think you should just do blizzard sorc having

str - item req
dex - item req
life - all
mana - none

I think you should get more of res charms, and life charms, and some 7mfcs so you don't die easily...

I don't get y sorcs need enigma either...
just get eth skulders for more mf and defense...

firewalls don't do much on mephisto as I tried to do with my 1.10 because they kept moving and moving and moving... because you have to move around because u r mf sorc who don't have much of a defense... I tried with all fire sorc... with firewall, fire bolt, and hydra... but mf doesn't work well with fire wall so i suggest doing all blizzard... you may have about lvl 38 to blizzard and do about 4800 dam which is quickest way to kill meph ^_^


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Thanks for the responses. I will use cta. However, I am wondering how much mana this would net me around lvl 80. Anyone with a blizzard sorc that can comment about this? Again I appreciate your help.


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my blizz sorc(clvl76) is about fully decked out and i already have 985 life and almost 700mana...and i dont use cta

only bad thing i can think of is i sometimes haev to suck a couple mana pots while teleporting round durance

still though with cta...adn the rest of the stat points bein dumped into vit i know i will easily reach 2000+ life....mana doesnt really matter with a blizz sorc in the heat of'in around is another deal....