How Much Into Base Vitality?


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imo, anything below 100 is a absolute no-no. that being said, a 120-150 is what i would want to aim for for any build.

just my $0.02. pls don't flame me horribly :scared:


i'm doing pretty good with only 60, but i have have a really fast attack speed and 14% life leech.

i figure either way i'm 1-2 hits dead in hell, so why not just ensure it to one? :lol:

and i boost my damage more - just stay back, and if i can keep hitting, i keep living.


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Hardcore or softcore? For sc I'd say 60-100, hc 120-140 minimum, more if you can afford it. This is asuming you more than a couple life charms.


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hum for my sniperzon i have a base of 90 but thats because i have stocked up on vita charms and the build is very defencive.


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I'm going with 70 base vita so with a botd I break 100 vita. I think that's all you really need with a decent valk and high level merc.


100-120 vit is good. But whatever you do, don't have anything less than 1k life. Black souls can do huge dmg quickly and you can get mauled and thrown into hit recovery quickly.


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umm. not just glooms, those annoying dolls and the OK's in CS are quite the deal. also, don't forget the Cannot be frozen frenzytaurs in act 5. ouchie :stoned: