how much for one of these. useast sc ladder


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how much for one of these. useast sc ladder

4 Os war scepter or elite version with +3 bhammer +3 concentration +3 holy shiled and +2 all paladin skills if even possible. if needed remove the +2 all or +3 holy


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Probably something in the upwards of 20-30 sojs or high runes. A simple +3 FoH +3 Conviction scepter on NL goes for about the same as Bugged Tals, 08 Valk, and all the waaaaay expensive classic dupes.


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I dont think that can even spawn.. Priest gives the +2Pally skills but you'll need Jewellers to have 4sockets.


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A scepter of this kind can never spawn, holy shield is very rare, I dont know if it exists any more, +3conc and +3hammer should be possible, but then I dont think there will be any sockets at all...



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i once had a Preists war scepter of the apprentice.. it was pretty damn sweet.

+2 Pala
20% Faster Cast Rate
+3 Blessed Hammer
+3 Concentration.

Pisses all over HoTo.

sold it for 20 High runes on ladder season 1