How much diablo do u play per day?


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How much diablo do u play per day?

i know that there was a thread like this before woII euhm the big forum crash :teeth: but still, out of curiousity how much time do u play//post//trade per day?

since my computer is broken down i post about 3 hours per day but before that, with multiplayer and all, I played 8-10 hours a day :lol: i know pretty sick, so i just wanted to know if i was the only junkie around... and no Borlag, u dont count ^^ (just kiddin)



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Should have made this a poll with a bunch of ranges strijdje.

I guess I average out at about 2 hours per day. Used to be much higher but then a woman came and changed my world. ;)

Butz. :teeth:


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About a year ago I could've still said 18-24 hours per day, about a month ago I would've said about 8 hours per day...

And now...

believe it or not, 0 to 2 hours. Been closer to 0 the last 2 weeks.

edit: Strij, you can still add the poll from the edit :)

edit 2: duh, forgot about posting...well, this is where the big numbers come up...I post around 16-24 hours per day... :lol:


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@ butzull

damn you're right, stupid me forgot a pole :rant:

srry :teeth:


really? how can i make a poll in the edit screen :lol:

yeah i knw what u mean, since my compu died 2 weeks ago i havnt played any diablo.. but im afraid that once i get him back and diablo is back installed I will call in "sick" @ work and play 24/7 for a week or so :wow:

anywayz, still i spend way too much time with posting and even THINKING off diablo :teeth:

*hi I'm robin and im a diablo junkie*


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Depends. On weekends I paly about 4-6 hours day. On the week I play 0-2.

My posting time is hard to detrimine. I'm logged in always when my computer is open and once in a while I check if there are interesting threads.


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Well, it seems I play 3 hours per day now from monday to friday, and on weekends...jesus, I don't even want to tell you :teeth:

Lets say, for me 300 Pit runs per week is not impossible at all :teeth: That is the reason I have got so many so nice items, so it is worth it :D

Bahh...maybe I should get a life...


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0-2 hours of playing per day, similar reason as Butz :teeth:
posting maybe ½ hour per day?

trade 0


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If you ask my wife, too much. Maybe 5 hours a day (I try to squeeze
in a few hours a day while everyone is sleeping).


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Play: 0-2 hours a day (closer to 0) (edit: sadly not for the same reason as Butz, though :( )
Post: I'm on the forums most of the day, but don't post all the time...
Trade: 0


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Playing time is usually about an hour a night--sometimes less, sometimes more. Weekend is between 3-5 hours a day.

As for posting time here, I usually keep the site up most of the day at work. I read and post for maybe 45 minutes....more if there are some really good threads.

The sad thing, though, is that I think about Diablo ALL THE TIME. It's scary. It really is.


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I'd say maybe an hour or two a day, depending on when I get home from work, and how long it takes to make dinner. That's enough time to (usually) complete at least one quest (or get to the next WP) with any character, so it works out well.


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Play: 0 hours
Post: ~1 hour
Trade: 0 hours

This would have looked a bit different about a months ago. :teeth:


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I play as much as I can (3-5 hours). In the weekends it is like 8-10. I am on the forum 1 hour a day.


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I usually post during work (~9 hours / day)
I don't really play that much due to several reasons:

1. Can't play while working
2. Can't play while on the phone to my girl friend (long distance relationship)
3. Can't play while staying in a hotel for work (that'd be three to five days per week for the next half year or so...)
4. Can rarely play on weekends (see no. 2)

That leaves me with the odd evening and sometimes an hour or two on the weekend, when the missus is asleep. All in all about 2 - 5 hours per week.

Don't trade at all.


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I'm in the same boat as you SideShowB, I'm surprised my wife hasn't left me yet actually :wink:
In total I probably spend around ~3hrs a day playing here and there (ya know, in between the screaming and diaper changes).
The majority of my posting is done at work (when I can get around the damn firewall that is!)


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well when i stoped MPing all the time with you, strijdje, i don´t play that much anymore. Still, somedays alot though...
around 0-5 hours / day including spf


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Most days I don't play at all. On the days I do, it's usually for 2-3 hours. As for posting, I check the forum frequently but rarely post, so ~1 hour. I don't trade, so 0 hours there.