How much base dex for my hammerdin?


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How much base dex for my hammerdin?

Im planning on making a hammerdin, and I have all the usuall cookie cutter equip, and with items I will have +35 dex, so how much base dex should I have to be able to have max block up until the high 90's? (as many points in holy shield as possible)


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Assuming you get to lvl 95 and use HOZ as shield using this equation:

Total Blocking = [(Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)]

Input Total Blocking = 75 (max/desired)
Blocking = 82 (HOZ) + 35 (slvl 20 Holyshield)
Solving, dex = 137
Less +dex from gear = 102 @ lvl 95.

Cheers :D