How many zods you have found by yourself?

Dad Daniel

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How many zods you have found by yourself?

I am playing hardcore since 2001, but my best rune i have ever found is OHM in a single player 1.09.
But what about that planty of high runes floating from the trade games and channels? Games like offer 4 Bers and 3 ZODs are really interesting to me !:mad:
So i was asking myself from a long time - "man you just don't have a luck" or probably it is not matter of the chance here?


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People dupe those high runes, an incredibly small amount of them are actually found by people. Myself, highest I've found is mal, highest I've seen drop is ohm.



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Highest I've ever found is a Gul.

Closest I've ever come to a legit Zod is reading the thread FartingBob made about finding one on the SPF.


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none. Highest I found was an Ist from hellforge. The highest I found from a monster was an Um in act2 hell.


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I actually found a cham with my javazon off one of pindles minions. I was totally and utterly stunned when i saw it on the ground. Also once I used the WP to frigid to do something (forget it was so long ago) and my merc killed some bird that ran up to me and it dropped Vex. I guess i should concider myself lucky.


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stickmonkey said:
u can dupe?
There were methods that were not released to the public that have been patched. There are always rumors of new ones that only certain people know and are using now, probably to fund item selling sites, as well as other hacks. I know that before god mode hack was discovered and patched, it had been in use for about seven months. Why can't people just.. play the damn game?



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Best I've found was a ber off something in Chaos Sanctury while i was doing a casual boss run with a mate. This was back in the first few weeks of this season so I thought I was pretty rich at the time...then I didn't find anything worth picking up for about a month :lol:


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Entire D2 career spanning probably 5 years including softcore.

1 LO

With the exception of 1 of the JAHs and the OHM the rest have been in HC and in the ladder seasons


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My highest would be an Ist from the Hellforge. My best drop was an Um somewhere in the Durance in Act 3.



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My best was an Ohm back in 1.09 while Mephing.. I opened a chest during the orb timer and out popped an Ohm.. I didn't even finish Meph. :)


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My best prior to this ladder season was 2 X MAL one from cows one from tomb in crypt.

This ladder I have found 1 IST in SC from Tomb on way to Countess and 1 GUL from hellforge in HC.

I would like to someday find VEX or better. :)


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I found 1 Zod while clearing RoF in A4 Hell. Next highest rune I've seen drop is Ist in the Pits and Gul from Hellforge.


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All of mine are sc....well, I am new to hc after all.

Lo - doll in dur2
Vex x3 - pits, Nilathak Temp2, Shenk minion
Gul x2 - forge
Ist x2 - mausolium, countess
Mals and down - have them all and in increasing number as you go down the list. Most came from countess.

I'm an obsessive countess runner.


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i got GUL from HF more than a few times. The highest drop to me was VEX.

After I switched to SCL recently, i did a number of HF rushes and have got a number of mid-lvl runes from HF/monsters up to GUL. but for some reason i haven't seen UM drop for a very long time - I guess that was because my solo asn found 2 UMs in 10 minutes in NM act3 the last time I restarted d2x.