How many tc 87s have you found?

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How many tc 87s have you found?

Ok, I've seen a lot of people running around with spare CoA's and Griffen's Eye's so I'm wondering how many tc 87 items you have personally found and where you got them. As for me, pindle has dropped me a Windforce and Death Cleaver, neither have been good %'s but I am in no way complaining, after those, I've found one other tc80 or higher by myself which was a largly useless giant skull.

So what tc 87 items have you found by yourself in 1.10? I pray that they arent all unique glorious axes either :p


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Steel Pillar, Gargoyle's Bite, both BK swords, Griffon's Eye, Griswold's Honor. EDIT: +Mavinas Diadem, Nat's Mark
Not much yet.
All from Baal runs (WSK or Baal himself)

EDIT: And I don't think I am MF PRO... But if you say so ... :D


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Found 5 in total (just squeezed in)
Steel Pillar
and 3 IK Soul cages
I have had 4 IKSCs but was given one (Thanks Nepeta) but gave it back when I found my own.


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2*Astreon Iron Ward
2*BK set
2*Death Cleaver
Death's Fathom
2*Earth Shifter
Gargoyle's Bite
Griffon's Eye
Griswold's Honor
3*Griswold's Valor
Immortal King's Soul Cage
Mang Song's Lesson
2*M'avina's True Sight
Natalya's Mark
2*Shadow Dancer
2*Spirit Ward
Taebaek's Glory
Templar's Might
2*The Cranium Basher
The Grandfather

which makes 31 TC 87 in my stashes. I dropped them mostly in the pit, on Pindleskin and in the WSK.


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I've found 2, both in the last MFO. A Death Cleaver, which went to the level 85 area winner, and a Griswold's shield, which I traded for magic beans. (Okay, a stack of Pgems and some resistance charms.) Ah, the freedom of not doing a SC grail...


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Easily over a dozen, but there are still some item types I´ve never seen.

EDIT: OH, it seems like you meant set & unique TC 87 items! Well, in that case, none. Viperfork and Ondal´s Wisdom from TC 75 are my highest.


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This is from memory, so I probably am missing a few...

IKSC X2, Griz helm X2, Nat's weapon, BK Collosus Blade X3, BK Mythical Sword X2, Mav's Helm

Grandfather X2, Earthshifter, Cranium Basher, Griffon's Eye X2, Ghostflame X2, Grandfather X2, Templar's Might, and there's probably more that I can't remember right now. :D

PS. NSX is most certainly a mega-h4xxx0r

Edit: see I told you I'd forgotten something - Stormspire. :cool:


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OK, I've found 11 TC 87 Uniques (counting the Ghostflame I lost in ATMA's buffer space and both Stormspires) and 11 TC 87 sets (although that includes 3 each of both Bul Kathos swords and 2 M'avina's True Sight)

Baal runs (from WP to Baal): Steelrends, Steel Pillar, Death's Cleaver, Executioner's Justice, Ghostflame, Cranium Basher, Stormspire, 2 each Bul Kathos swords, IKSC

Pindle: Windforce, Stormspire, both Bul Kathos swords

The Pit: Death's Fathom, Mang Song's Lesson, Nat's Mark, M'avina's TS

to the best of my memory, the only one found during normal questing (i.e. non-MF run) was Griswald's Honor found in the Glacial Trail by my overlord necro. (although I don't remember where the 2nd M'avinia's came from... for some reason I'm thinking Kurast somewhere, but that doesn't sound right (or even possible))


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Three, although only two in SP.

1. Earth Shifter
2. BK Mythical Sword
3. Windforce - found this on bnet (in the pits), only a few days before I decided to join the SP world. I joined a game to trade it to someone for an Ethereal Skullders, dropped it on the floor, wished the guy the best, and then left. I have not seen one Hydra bow drop in single player lol.../cry.


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I've found 16, but mine are very skewed towards set items. I've found 14 set items but only two tc 87 EUs.

BK SC x2
Gris Valor x3
Gris Redem
Mav's TS x2
Nat's Mark x2
Death's Fathom
Gargoyle's Bite

Tabaek's Glory is TC 84 also I believe


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BK sword
Griffon's Eye
2xImmortal King's Soul Cage
Steel Pillar (my first drop off of pindle ever.)

These for sure... probably some others that I never got too excited about.


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yes, Ward is only TC84. there are no normal TC87 shields

what's weird about looking at my list now is I remember a year ago seeing all the long time players here and thinking I could never be one of the "rich" people, and yet, here I am now, with a CoH, a Sur sitting in ATMA awaiting use, and only 30 items left in my grail. Kinda hard to deny I'm one of the "rich" now. Proof that even crappy players like me can get lots of stuff!

(OK, so maybe being a girl and flashing some leg every once in a while has something to do with it)


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Templar's Might(Durance 3), The Cranium Basher(not sure), Steel Pillar x2(not sure), The Grandfather(Throne), BK Tribal Guardian x2(Throne and Chaos Sanc), BK Sacred Charge(Pit), Griswold's Redemption(Throne), IKSC(Pindle), M'avina's True Sight(WSK 3)


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I only dropped TC87 from pindle:

Griswold's Redemption
Griswold's Honor
MAvin'a True Sight

That's about it on top of my head


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16 different TC87's (3 new ones in the last week - 2 on consecutive WSKs) with my self found grail status at 30 uniques and 5 sets:

Mang Song, Darkforce Spawn, Astreons x 2, GF, BK Colossus Blade, CoA x 2, Griz Valor, Mavinas, Execut justice, Windfore, Ghostflame
Templar Might, ISKC x 2, Nat Mark, Earthsifter, Gargoyles Bite