How many pvp chars you got?


How many pvp chars you got?

I have a BvC which takes care of everything except BvB, Good Bone Necro's, and Good Hammerdins.

I have a ES/Light Sorc which takes care of the rest, and is a lot of fun to play.

List what pvp chars you guys have, and for what reason.

Trojan Man

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BvC Barb
CS Zon
FB Sorc
Wind Druid
Lite Sorc
FireClaws Bear
Ww Sin
Orb Sorc
Blizz Sorc
Plague Zon

Me and my Bro Play together on our on PCs so We get alot Done.



wat do u call a pvp char? someone with decent gear?

well if it means a char who is worth over say 150 runes i hav;

wind druid [worth a bit under 800 :eek: ]
fb sorc <- still being built
bliz sorc
pnb nec

others who can still pk but are worth under 150;

lvl9 sin
cs zon


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Main duelers: (Mostly equiped, rest are unequiped)
lvl 30 Singer - fun usually, can be frustrating however
lvl 30 InvinciSorc - Proof of concept character

lvl 35 Necro - Takes care of Mid/high characters who enters/messes with lld games
lvl 85+ BvA - Cleans up anything my necro can't handle


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3 chars ghost ww sin, bone necro, and wind druid
funny thing is i can barly use the last two
i try to keep my amount of chars under 3


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levle 89 Bvc barb

Can kill all except Very defensive Fireball sorcs, High def/High dr hammers, and summon necros.


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Level 77 Liberator :D (Charge/Hammer Pally)

I pub duel and through my experiences, the only build that gives me the hardest time are summon necros (which I'm also in the process of making :D ).


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when i played i always stuck with two characters. this way i can perfect my dueling with both classes.

hammerdin (main)
blizzard sorc

but of course i had every type of char fully decked out in a way since i knew all my friends passwords and they had millions of perfected characters to paly with =)


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My only fully equiped duelers atm are:

Fireclaws Druid
Fury/Rabies Wolf
Smiter/Charger Paladin

This short list is fundamentally due to my lack of annis :(



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mauler bear
v/t pally
titan ww barb
blizz sorc
fire ele
various ranger type pallies
dozens of others.

some geared, some not. working on more at the moment.



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atm only my blizz sorc (lvl 91)
but im building a new ww barb (lvl 25 atm :D ) for duel (previous barbs all sucked :( )

Herald of Doom

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bliz sorcie

And thats about it. I got a retired bvb, a fb sorc, an es/fo sorc, a charge pally, a lld ww barb, a lld zealot, a lld kicksin, a lld pokezon. All half equipped at best. I test a char and when I got bored with it I make a new one :)

PS: My chars aren't expensive, but they can pvp ;)



I myself could afford 4 ok pvpers (ex. plain gc's) or 2 gg pvpers (ex. life gc's). Like dkay I said I figure I would rather be perfected in a few classes then mediocre in a bunch of classes.

I'd say anything above 150 runes counts, but if you only have 50 runes as your total budget, just list your 1 pvper.


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Rebuilding all my PvP chars. Finished my:

BvA WW Barb (Very well built)
Bone Necro (Still need circlet + ammy)
WW Sin (Lost my anni)
Wind Druid (Still need to lvl up a bit more)

Gonna start these:
Blizz Sorc
FoH Pally
BvB Barb

and maybe Zealot if I have enough max/ar/lfie charms left


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lvl 9 barb (double throw)
lvl 15 asn (tiger strike)
lvl 15 pally (charge)
lvl 16 pally (zeal)
lvl 30 barb (leap)
lvl 30 zon (cs)
lvl 32 druid (fury)
lvl 35 pally (hammers)
lvl 38 sorc (blizz)
lvl 39 druid (fury)
lvl 55 druid (ele)
lvl 63 pally (zealot)
lvl 69 necro (bone)
lvl 86 zon (cs)

all pvp
all HC Ladder

HC Non-Ladder:
37 druid (fury)
77 barb (ww)
79 pally (hammerdin)
37 barb (leap)
41 barb (ww)
21 pally (charge/zeal)


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lv 97 orber.
lv 90 lightning.
lv 90 trapasin.
lv 89 orber.
lv 84 pbnecro.
lv 90 hybrid asn.
lv 89 zealot.
lv 99 bowazon.