How many pindle runs till...


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How many pindle runs till...

you've gotten a fair amount of good stuff? I have about 250 mf on my blizzard sorc and today i did about 150 pindle runs... the main items that i found that might've been worth keeping are thunderstroke, viperfork, and the unique ghost armor... i'm not sure what a good ratio of finding items is for pindle, but i just wanted to know: how long before you got lucky and cracked something big like a shako?


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I wouldn't run Pindle looking for a Shako. Shako's aren't "big" in the item-finding sense. They are in a fairly low TC and so you can find them from comparatively generous monsters like Hell Meph. The only reason you would run Pindle is that he can drop the really high TC stuff that Meph can't drop. Pindle is notoriously stingy, the only reason people still run him is that for TC87, nobody else is any better.

People confuse "good" with "rare". Most of the rarest items are pretty useless, people just like to find them so they can say they have one. Useful stuff like a Shako can be found lower down, and isn't so hard to find.


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If you want items like shako / oculus / stormshield / vipermagi more frequently start doing meph runs with your blizz sorc. You should be able to stand and hold down blizzard on meph every run. Trap him in the canal and blast away at a safe distance. After you get better items for your characters and want super elite items then maybe go to pindle, imo. However i still stick with meph runs. If you did 150 meph runs... *droooling* anyways yea u'd have a lot more useful items compared to 150 pindle runs.


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that's very useful information... i guess the only reason i've been shying away from hell meph runs is because i tend to die when i try to teleport to him... there's also the problem of dealing with the occasional random cold immune blood lords that show up all the time... any advice on surviving in general? i've got close to 300 mf so that's not my problem, just living to see the light... of meph...


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i have an all bone necro, and i kid you not. its far easier to do solo magic find runs..
its like a 3 step system.
1. bonewall, let the monsters run into the bonewall. prison the stragglers.
2. target a monster, bonespear to death.
3. explode, and all of them die.
4. wait for boneshields to drop and pick up loot.. if any :(

so it was 4 steps... rar


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seems like i was wrong... once i found out the general strategy for getting to the level 3 stairs, these runs became a piece of cake. I did about an hour of them last night and found trang gloves, aldur boots, gore riders, and a few other nice things. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE!


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i like to consider myself as a pro-pindle runner... i've gotten it down to around 45seconds/run, including in-between game loading. If i pay attention and focus(which is difficult since pindle running is one of the most boring things in the world) I can do 100 runs in an hour. However... there is a catch... like Thrugg mentioned, pindleskin is the stingiest mofo in the game. Today for example, has been the worst 200 runs i have ever done:
2 rare shakos
2 rare laquered plates
1 rare sacred armor
2 rare kraken shells
3 rare mithril coils
and only 1 item worth keeping: aldurs advance
Normally, i'd get on average 1-2 elite uniques per 25 or so runs. currently i have proximately 400%mf

happy hunting! (and hopefully you have better luck than i did today)


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I never really got lucky with Pindle be4, however my luck change last saturday

First I found unique Rune Master Ettin Axe with 5 sockets
Then I found Griswold's Scepter
Then I found Bul-Katho's Tribal Guardian
Then I found Griswold's Armor (crap oh well)
Then I found Stormspire! (Was one of the rarest items in the game)

Thats all less than 1 hour so I was pretty happy.

Also from those finds, I think sooner or later, I will get Unique Hydra Bow or Collosus Blade :):)