How many pgems do you currently have?


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I think I stopped collecting and upgrading last year. Took a look and I had 89 pgems, with 4 pskulls.

I'm just curious to see how many people have on their side. Thanks!


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178 pgems (84 Pskulls)

1745 flawless gems ... so if I spend a few hours (days LOL) cubing, I would get an additional 581 Pgems :)


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I guess I need to roll some grand charms.. :oops:

Between 1.07 and 1.13 I probably have ~2500 pgs. Noteworthy - I'm approaching 500 Pskulls in 1.07. Hoping to hit 600 and then roll some rare jewels in 1.08.


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Why are you guys saying how many Pskulls you have? What do you guys know that I don't?


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514 pgems. Of which 47 are skulls. I've yet to have much luck re-rolling rares, but usually only do it if I find an interesting base from Baal or some other high level monster. I learned that rerolling a rare ethereal crystal sword turns it into a non-ethereal crystal sword, which was a little disappointing...


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Soon 600 Pskulls in 1.07. As @DiabloTwoinDC I'm going to roll some 1.08 rare jewels with them as well.

In 1.13 I roll charms very regularly, so I don't usually have very big amounts at one time. Now maybe couple hundred total, mostly Pames and Prubies for crafting.

@hackedagainanda aiming at 10k?


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About 20. I'm keeping a few on my stashes for urgent cubing (like adding sockets or upgrading), but all the rest is used up for crafting blood rings, caster amulets and rerolling GCs (not necessarily "Baal" GCs) immediately. That means, each of my characters has 0-2 pgems, plus another 0-2 PAs/PRs.


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497 PGems (including skulls)

Thousands of lower gems waiting for me to be bored enough to cube them up.

Playing mostly untwinked single-pass while being a complete hoarder and having to pick up and stash every gem I come across leads to bloated stashes full of junk that is unlikely to ever be meaningfully used or even to see the light of day again.