How many mules do you have?

How many mules do you have?

I think I may be the most anal person on

Now I get to find out!

How many mules do you have?


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I would guess I have around 10, but a lot of my older characters that I dont play anymore have turned into mules also.


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16. 8 ladder and 8 non ladder. And I have promised myself to adapt to that. So I have to "clean" them once in a while.


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Lets see... 9 accounts, 9 character spaces left total, 7 total "working" characters, most of which have a lot of stuff on them, so they're partial mules as well (but I'm not gonna count that).

9 * 8 = 72
72 - 7 - 9 = 56 real mules


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I have about five or six, but to be fair.. 2 of them aren't official mules, they're just "My other characters in stasis at the moment until I find them better gear." :)

Lord Chaos

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At the very least 160ish...and thats not even counting actual characters I have played and then stopped playing.


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Dracoy said:
20 account of mules O_____________O
Only 20? Whats the matter, you deleted some of them? I thought you had (literally) like 600 thousand of them. :lol: I still remember the time it took for you to find a single item for a trade between us. :lol:


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gave 10 accounts to my friend,

Every month i make at least 2 accounts O_____________________O

But i cut back on it "try to"

I usually have to go mule after 4-5 mf runs haha


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Errrmmmm, let me think......

8+8+8+7 = 31 non-ladder mules

5+7+1 = 13 ladder mules

Giving me a total of 43 mules spread across 7 accounts.



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Hmm, i erased all of my non-ladder mules and gave away all their stuff to the needy.

On the ladder i think im up to....


19 mules? I only really save exceptionals and elites, and only 1 or 2 of each just in case.


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1.09 - 5 accounts, half of the chars are not mules, have a few 99s
1.10 - 4 accounts, 5 chars not mules

so yeah, i'm like the rest of yall, i have a crap load of mules
my 1.10 mules have a lot more useful stuff than my 1.09 ones

i seem to find much better stuff in 1.10 than 1.09
i've only been playing 1.10 a sixth of the amount of time i played 1.09, and already have almost as many accounts packed


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one non ladder account with two accounts of mules
one non ladder hard core account

one account of ladder characters I play
two accounts of ladder mules.

And adding all of it together I've still got mostly crap and nothing really amazing ;)