how many charge ups at the same time ?

how many charge ups at the same time ?

hi all

i was wondering how many charge ups you can have active at 1 time

is it possible to charge up:
Tiger strike *3
+ corba strike *2
+ phoenix strike *2
+ claws of thunder *2

and then finally release ALL AT THE SAME TIME with a dragon tail kick?

if not possible... how many can you have instead?


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If you are fast enough to get the hits in to charge everything up to 3 each:
Tiger Strike
Fists of Fire
Cobra Strike
Claws of Thunder
Blades of Ice
Phoenix Strike
That's 18 charge-ups, if you can do it :)
fast enough for what ?
i heard something that the charge up will remain active for 8 seconds after the last hit to charge it up. that would give me 8 secs to charge up anything else i would like to go off, and give the final kick. correct ?

but i understand it correctly if i think that it IS possible to get multyple charge ups from multiple charge up skills and get them off at the same time?


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well, I think if you try that you'd need to reactivate some of them after some time by hitting with the skill one time. This will reset the timer. Whats needed here, is a still standing enemy that doesnt attack you (you dont want to waste frames on hit recovery) has zero defense and zero block. You'll need max fpa too. I'm sure it's possible. But it'll be quite tricky
hehe.. i believe you on that one ;-)

but i don't want 18 charge ups, say 10 maximum, and 10 hits within 8 second should not be to much of a problem.

sounds like a lot of fun to me btw, releasing that many at one time... will give a hell of a mess ... and MANY hits those pesky monsters can resive.

for example:
3 tiger strike
2 claws of tunder
2 phoenix strike

gives a nice Physical dmg, a big fire blast from dragon tail, a load of sparkling things and a chain lightning charge... all in 1 group of monsters.

/me goes to try :D


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In 1.09 if you charged any of the 6 charges the universal 8 sec timer reset. So you could charge 18 times and then release. Now in 1.1 each charge-ups has his own 8 sec timer. So if you charge 3 * TS (to make it easy this costs 1 sec) , and then after 3 CS Charges the TS timer will be 7 seconds , not 8. This sucks quite hard really. :) Since you can't keep 1 CS charge + 3 TS charge to long , 1 of them will dissapear sooner then the other.
yeah... i understand what you mean.

still can be a lot of fun releasing loads of charges in a group.

i was thinking, that when you encounter a group, you do all chargeups at the edge of that group, on some loonly monster. then run to the middle of in, and blast the whole thing to pieces.


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You could also just charge 3 * TS and release with Dtail. :) Rince and repeat. You prolly do more dmg over time then charging up alot of charges , only to find out the first charges disappeared after you charged the last ones.
yeah... i know that, and that will be what i will be doing moost of the time probably.

but i just considder releasing many charges at once a huge fun factor, so i wanted to know where the limmits of this fun are :xgrin:

besides... it is ALWAYS fun to run in a big pack and deliver a nice physical dmg, a big fire dmg, a load of charged bolts, a mess of ice chaos bolts All at the same time, and run away with your health and mana fully recharged. i just like that idea, and i hope you can understand why :xsmile4: