How many characters do u have and what build are they ifra


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How many characters do u have and what build are they

Just curious i guess. Feel free to post screenies of em.


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At present - 1!

That's a lie really, in existence I would estimate that I have over 200 characters.... but I havent played any of them for 4 years.

Now, I am playing a Werewolf through to unlock HC then I expect I will have a series of short-lived but fun variants before I hit on a winning absurd combination then stick with him (I prefer male classes) to the end.


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Off the top of my head...

99 Blizzballer
96 Pure Blizzy
95 Skellymancer
95 Wind Druid
92 Hammerdin
92 LF/FA Zon
90 Blizz/FW
90 Meteorb
90 Zealot
89 Bonemancer
86 IK Whirler
85 Lightning Trapsin
84 Fireball/FoH Pally

those are completed (Guardian'd) characters that I can remember atm anyways. Many others at varying levels and stages in the game that I'll probably never finish... a few dead characters on my screen as well including a 94 Skellymancer.

Let's see some other people (NF, Tim...) post in here and get a tally for how many characters...


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Well, understand that I tend to get bored easily, so I always end up starting something new. The list is long, as I'm always trying different builds. Or should I say, starting different builds. :tongue:

Fishy - L89 Fishymancer, Patriarch (only one!), primary MF character
Blizzy - L72 pure Blizzsorc, getting toasted in Hell due to all the CI's
FreezeMeiser - L70 Frost Zealot, ready to take on NM Ancients
Kyla - L69 MeteOrb, unable to get by NM Ancients (I suck)
Frantic - L48 Frenzy Barb, Act1 NM
FunStuff - L45 Frozen Orbstress, Act1 NM
Mr. Yuk - L33 Poisonmancer
OnlyStrikes - L30 Bowler Druid, tourney character
Dreamboat - L28 Strafer
Scorn - L26 soon-to-be LF/Poison Javazon
Tim - L21 soon-to-be IK Barb ( I need the Soul Cage)
Zookeeper - L21 Summoner Druid
SteelerFan - L18 soon-to-be Fanatic Zealot
Pelthunter - L16 Trapsin
CheeseHead - L13 soon-to-be Hammerdin


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Zamolxe 92 hammerdin
Ghiocel 90 blizzballer
Pastorita 90 lightzon
Bendis ** WWS strafer
Varcolacul 87 fury dr00d
Lili 85 kicker/traper
Nemuritorul 85 IK barb WW
Kothis 83 light sorc
Gebeleizis 82 wind dr00d
Stapanul-NebuX 82 fishy
Enlil 81 teslafroster
Mos_Martin 81 mauler dr00d

and others that need to become pat/mat before posting


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Well, this is always interesting.

Lets see.

Selene the Trapsin

Jääneito the Blizzsorc, 95
Birgitte the LF/CS/MAzon, 91
Carrie the Fire (Ball) Sorc, 90
Hanna the MeteOrb Sorc, 90
Hunter the Base-Vit Strafing Witchyzon, **
Christopher C(arrion) the Cheesemancer, 87
Shaidar Haran the Venomancer, 85
Cadsuane the Cl/FO Sorc, 84
Primus the Two-Handed Staff Zealot, 83
Velhotar the Nova/Tri-Elem Staff Sorc, 82
Caillech the Goddess of Weather, 81
Sephrenia the Daggerzon, 80
Shok the Tesladin, 80
Durnik the Hammerdin, 90
Cohen the WW IK Barb, 84
Perrin the Packleader Fury Werewolf, 82
Godsent the Templar, 81
Wulf the Fury Werewolf, 81

+ numerous unfinished builds/projects in Hell/NM/Normal

Edit: Going through the old threads, oh the memories :cloud9:


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Level 90 Sorceress (Meteorb) - Matriarch, in active MF use
Level ** Necromancer (Skelliemancer) - Patriarch, retired for now, my first SP char :smiley:
Level 84 Barbarian (IK Whirler) - Finishing Hell Act III

That's it. :grin: I've played SP for over a year now, but I tend to concentrate on one character at a time, plus I keep taking these long (months) breaks from the game.


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My patriarchs/matriarchs:

93 Olena, Meteorb
92 Katarina, Lightsorc
89 Kalashnikova, Straferzon
** MissPiggy, gold horking Frenzy barb
** Diepvrieskipje, pure Blizzsorc (name is Dutch for 'frozen chicken')
** StNicolaas, Fanatic Zealot
87 Blender, Tomb Reaver-WW barb
85 Tristan, E-lot (elemental/conviction/Zealot hybrid)
84 Cinderella, LF/FA zon

I also have one HC Freezealot, but he pushes up daisies now.


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I forgot to post my own chars well i have

89 javazon
85 meteorb
77 teslafroster
76 frenzy
69 trapsin
28 skelimancer

not much but i started playin about 8 months ago


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I don't remember all of the levels

93 CL/FW sorc (Mat)
91 Hammerdin
89 Polebarb (Pat)
89 CL/FO sorc
89 LF 'zon (Mat)
Fury Druid (Pat)
IK Barb (Pat)
PS 'sin (Mat)
Gimmershred's Paladin (Pat)
Meteorb (Mat)

10+ more in various states of development, and about 15 others that've been deleted because I was finished with them. I tend to like sorcs and barbs.


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90 :cloud9: Blizz sorc
82 LF/PJ Zon
81 Light sorc
81 Whirly IK Barb
75 Meteorb

I'm working on a couple more builds now. The highest, though, is only level 46.


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I have three main characters intended for PvP:
95 fury/rabies,
94 fury,
92 bone necro.
Other characters I built are totally irrelevant, most of them are "prototipes" of future PvP chars :smiley:


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91 Blizzardess
89 Javazon
** T/V
87 Wolfbarb
87 Mage
86 Venomancer
85 Flaming Rabies
83 Trap and WW
83 ES/FB
74 Fury/Rabies

92 Hammerdin
90 TS/FO
** Strafter
85 FB/FO

18 Jabber
18 Kicker
18 Hybridzon
18 Smiter
18 Daggermancer

… and a whole slew of retirees.


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Hoo boy, this is going to take a while.

MadMardigan (91) - Fanatic Zealot, swords only
BlackMamba (79) - TS/DTailsin, swords only
Cyclonus (81) - Windy druid
SalmonOfDoom (75) - Fishy

Regnor (49) - Healot
Trogdor (49) - Infernosorc
SneakySneaky (49) - Lightning Trapassin
Roland (65) - Fury druid
Uther (60) - Teslafroster
Thena (52) - LF/PJzon
Zenia (50) - Claw/claw martial arts sin
Ryzell (72) - Meteorb
Bowyer (49) - M'Avina's Frostmaiden
Hrothgar (49) - IK Barb
Selina (53) - Lightning Spearazon

The Rest:
Leoric (29) - Vindicator/Templar
MrSkullhead (21) - Bone necro
Sirius (32) - PDaggermancer
Elanor (21) - Multi/fire arrow side zon, crossbows only
Kowalski (43) - WW barb, polearms only
Firestorm (32) - Pure fire sorc
Bulwai (43) - Berserker, axes only
Zanatos (38)- Druid summoner/hunter
Bob (28) - Hammerdin
Cuisinart (22) - WW sin
Sniezna (20) - Blizzard sorc
Urkh (21) - Throwbarb, axes only
Vargas (28) - Frenzybarb, swords only
Beorn (19) - Werebear
Samhaine (28) - Pure fire elemental druid
Morganna (28) - Charged boltress
Laurelin (35) - Chain lightning/hydra sorc
Grim (22) - Meleemancer, scythes only,will eventually use Grim's Burning Dead
Inigo (28) - Avenger
Kinemil (31) - Holy fire zealot, will use upped Kinemil's Awl
PunchyMcGee (20) - so far naked boxer barb

Right now I'm working on Ryzell the Meteorb, and I've been working for a while to get characters that are in the middle of acts to the beginning of the next act. I've found that I can keep interested longer if I just play with one character for one act, then switch it up.

Long winded as always (but hey, you asked!)


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I have a tendency to finish characters. I have one HC character, but he's only a Level 53 Destroyer Fishymancer. My other characters, are (off the top of my head):

Hardenne, level 91 Meteorb
Bill, level 89 Wolfbarb
Devagen, level 89 Avenger
Demahrnim, level 86 Hammerdin
Desaix, level 86 Zealot
Zidane, level 84 Fishymancer
Lavora, level 84 Lightning-Spearazon
Zola, level 84 Venomancer
Serena, level 83 Frostmaiden
Wesley, level 81 Fireclaw Werebear
Saskia, level 81 Tiger-Tailer

Henin, level 84 Tri-elementalist

I don't really play anymore. Well, when my PC is at home, I MP a little, otherwise I occasionally load Eastern Sun.


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Aldur lvl84 windy druid Pat
Beyond_Infinity lvl 75 Lighting Zon
Burglecut_Lives lvl 82 Polearm-Wirler Pat
Childs_Play lvl42 Frenzy barb
Jules_Winfield lvl73 FrostZealer
Melliskancer lvl87 Fishymancer Pat
Scorch lvl92 Meteorb MF'er Mat
Soul_Searching lvl38 Booyaka Barb (found the IK soulcage so name obsolete :laugh: )
Teh_Cheeze lvl88 Hammerdin Pat
The_Force lvl85 Strafazon Mat
Victoria_Bitter lvl92 Blizzardess MF'er Mat
Vincent_Vega lvl22 Pally
Zappity_Doodar lvl82 Tesladin Pat

Prospective IK Sept Characters

Avast_Ye lvl 6 Sorc
Barnacle lvl 10 Necro
Buckle_Swasher lvl 14 Pally
Buxom_Wench lvl10 Zon
Pirate lvl23 Barb
Scurvey_Dog lvl 42 Fury Druid
Timber_Shiverer lvl 19 Assassin

Ex-Tourney Chars

Begbie lvl 23 Barb (forget which tourney but rolled bash and stun as skills)
GuessofDeath lvl12 Zon (Deathmaster's tourney)
Smiling_Assassin lvl17 Assassin (Skill-less tourny char)


Darth_Hottius lvl56 Fire Druid (from MP with Severoth)

Currently Playing (WoW :Hide:)
Frostmourne PvP Server

Burglecut lvl50 Priest
Buckleswash lvl17 Pally
Diabolitio lvl8 Mage
TwoGlassEyes lvl10 Warrior


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Just the v1.10+ characters...

Clvl90 and up Pats/Mats:
Pnembra--94 MeteOrber
Mandy--92 Lightning Sorc
Laura--91 Blizzsorc
Martina--90 BlizzBaller
Levinas--90 Zealot
Luther--90 Hammerdin
Jobim--90 Poison/Summoner
Friedrich--90 Wind Druid

Other Pats/Mats:
Nimrod--** IK Whirling Barb
Bono--** Bonemancer
Zakariah--86 Avenger
Corrine--85 Lightning Orber
Lupin--84 Semi-Wind Druid
Pandora--** Lightning Sorc (RWM)

Pats/Mats in-the-making:
Beethoven--78 Aldur's Fire Claw Bear
Pyronia--77 Pure Fire Sorc
Thor--77 Tesladin
other are clvl50-something and below.



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sounds like dc was calling

i'd also be interested in gohanman and lothrics lists.

ok, first up never guardianed anything, got a few HC chars, nothing really worth mentioning.


57 orb/static sorc

80 zealot/avenger
85 frenzier
82 necro
83 hybrid zon
80 tri sorc
80 wolf
80 hybrid assy
93 original "noob" tri sorc

+ 5 other retired ones

85 pure fire sorc (made in .09)

.10 final.
94 cold sorc
92 fire sorc
91 hammerdin
89 conc barb
** skelly mancer
87 hybrid zon
87 avenger
87 ik barb
84 frenzy
83 zealot
82 poison necro
81 light sorc (badly made)
81 dtail/ts assy
81 jav only
80 dtalon assy
80 wind druid
80 bear
80 trapsin
79 strafer
78 zerker
77 bone necro
77 rabies druid/fury
76 mav zon
76 charged bolt

Works in progress

3 infernal necro
8 milabrega pally

15 6pally
21 6barb (sir) will be a spear whirler
8 6necro
9 6zon
3 6sorc
3 all patch(idea being this barb finishes classic, goes to .07 does the cool stuff there, goes up to .09 to 99 then up to .10 for getting better again.

8 7pally
31 7barb (frenzier or whirler) not sure
8 7necro
4 7zon
3 7druid
8 7assy

.08 (yeah this lot is new)
3 8b
3 8p
8 8n
3 8d
8 8am
3 8as
3 8s

12 vitabarb

84 holy bolt pally
75 charger
75 fire druid
70 spearzon
70 aldur hybrid
69 hunter
67 fireclaws druid
67 2h zeal
67 titan vegence
67 energy shield
67 bk frenzy
67 half fire/cold
66 singer
65 leap
60 tri sorc - tal rasha
60 smiter
58 dexazon
57 ww assy
56 golemancer
55 cleric
55 tesla
55 wolf barb
55 holy freeze
55 titan wolf
55 blade fury
55 pheonix striker
55 ranger
55 titan bash
55 Sacrifice
55 throw barb
55 enchantress
45 ravenclaw zon
43 passion zon
42 passion necro
41 daggerzon
41 passion assy
41 passion pally
41 passion druid
40 passion barb
40 avenger sorc

.10 final classic
12 skelly man
8 10Cbarb
9 10Czon
6 10Csorc

10 bone necro (to end HF rushes)

.11 ( i dont see this patch as worthwhile compared to .10 to move everything)
19 tokenbarb
1 tokennecro
1 tokendruid
6 tokenadin
24 tokenzon
41 tokensin
70 tokensorc

so yeah about 40 finished, total 75 to finish. the idea, play everything worth playing and sorry pvp doesn't make the cut :p