How loooong did it take?


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How loooong did it take?

Now that I've finished my first Septemvirate, I'm having some fun with other builds. Current char is a Softcore Frost Zealot, using the Kitriara build guide.

He's level 75, trying to clear the Chaos Sanctuary, with all the IM Oblivion Knights. He has ALL the bells and whistles.. HOZ, Guardian Angel, Heavens Light,etc and a wand on switch for the IM. I started playing this morning at the River of Flame WP at 7:30, and I'm still at it- had to take a break to decompress.

So, if my guy has this hard a time, I can only imagine how hard HC must be, and how patient you must be to make Pat/Mat. What's your tale of the time it takes to succeed?


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I do full clears with untwinked (often wacky) characters, so it usually takes a very long time for me to make Guardian, if I survive that long. I have no idea how long it takes in actual gaming hours.

However, Chaos Sanctuary is not a huge area. I don´t think I have ever spent much more than 3 hours from than WP to the death of Diablo.

Here are some notable areas I remember:

6 hours: Frozen Tundra (Hell) with my 1.09 mercless skellimancer. Those catapults and imps were murder for my poor mages! Pretty much all those fire towers were punched down by my Fire Golem alone. Several minutes for each one...

5.5 hours: Tal Rasha´s True Tomb (Hell). Don´t remember the character, but it was one that had no way of clearing out corpses, so all undead had to be lured far away from the Unravelers. There was one room with a mummy sarcophagus and tons of monsters (including two Unraveler bosses) that took nearly two hours. I had to flee so many times...

5 hours: Durance of Hate level 2 (Nightmare), on /players 1 (!). This is with Gabrielle the staff-amazon (girl in my avatar). She could fight only one monster at a time, so she had to seek out and lure monsters to the doorways to fight them. Each Mauler required her to use 4-5 Greater Healing Potions. The Dolls are less sturdy, but she didn´t want to let them explode next to her, so she lured one off to a previously cleared area, injured it to about 1/4 life, then threw javelins at it when it ran away.

Don´t remember the time, but I guess around 7 hours. My Blaze Enchantress (with fire rogue merc) took an awful lot of time to clear the first 3 areas in act 4 Hell. All those fire immune [email protected]! I counted 57 swings with Aldur´s mace to bring down an average Joe Venom Lord (and that was when the rogue was firing at it as well!).


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I've been working on a sept of HC characters, one of each class for about a year. They've all had to stick to the same act/difficulty except in the case where one dies, then the new character had to catch up before the other six progressed. I'm almost done... probably later this weekend, or possibly next week.


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Pure Blizz sorc. Mine was in 1.10 vanilla (though I never specifically tried for a speed run). I was 85 when making Guardian.

NF's was in 1.11 RWM. NF was under level 70 when hitting Guardian.