How is this for a Zealot


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How is this for a Zealot

Hey is this a good zealot build??
dexterity-how much is needed for a pvp zealot

helm-Coa socketed with ber
armor-ethereal zod'd gladiators bane
rings-2 angelic
belt-30/14 verdungos
gloves-10/14 drac's
weapon-ethereal botd warspike 387/15

any suggestions on what to change on items or stats? thanks.


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This sounds like a very good build. i would suggest a new amulet and 2 new rings:

or if you don't have enough resi then
metalgrid (only on ladder)

ring 1:
raven, this is still a good choice even though you have CBF on glad's gives AR dex and cold absorb
another ll ring of some sort

ring 2:
BK, although you can easily get better mods for a zealot on a rare ring
rare ring

for dexterity:

a mistake that a lot of people have made in 1.10 is not to put enough dex on just enough to get 75% block, this is nowhere enough dex to give you enough AR.
carrion wind


I would suggest gettin a zerk axe instead of the war pike, its fast high damage and allows a shield. But if you like the warpike thats fine just a suggestion


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It looks good on paper, you will have to sacrifice some stat points to wear the Coa, due to its big str req. I dont think the rest of your equip will make up the 92 extra strength youll need, but Im too lazy to look up the exact numbers on everything.
In pvp you should be competitive with other zealots, especially with an exile. That along with your angelics should give you big defense and AR, both critical in zeal duels. As far as everybody else, make sure you have max resists, and some absorb gear on hand for special occasions.

Honestly, zealot v zealot is all about who has the better gear, youll do fine as long as your skills are placed well, and you do have nice gear listed here. There will of course be the Doom, Exile, Fana, Cta toting monkeys who will kill you and then call you a noob because you dont have 3 auras and use no Barb skills, but theres not much you can do about it.

Sorry about the rant, Im a bit jaded towards pvp zealots as of late, and Im not even sure this post was of any use to you. Oh well, consult the guide thread if you have any questions about skill placement. And have fun with your zealot, Im just grumpy.



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angelic amulet+2x angelic rings is > any other set up with ring/amulet due to the near 8-10k ar it gives O_O