How is my zon doing?


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How is my zon doing?

I havent made a PvP/PvM Zon since 1.09 how is she doing
Level 85
STR 158
Dex 240
Vita 280 (around there)
NRG whatever it is

20 Guided
5 Multi
5 Strafe
13 Dodge/evade/bob'n'weave
13 Critical
1 Ice Arrow

She does well in pvm and pvp

Jewelry- Highlords, 2x 20 Dex ravens ( 1x 8ll ring with dex resists for pvm)
boots- War Trav (i like more than gorerider)
Glove- 2oias +2passive 13dex Light and poison resists
belt- 24FHR 50life 20 str fire cold resists (rare mithril coil)
Bow- +3bow Mat. Faith, 15fanta +1skill
Helm- Diadem +2zon, 4 ML, 25str,19dex,47 Fire 17 Resists the rest, 15ias, 10 max
Armor- Wyrmhide Fortitude +29resists 1.4lpl 1400defense
Weapon switch- 5Bo CalltoArms, Spirit monarch (i just wanted it sheesh)

My res. are like 75/25/60/15

Various Ar/life,life/max/ar, Skillers and Anny of course are her charms. i take some off for pvm for more inv space

Act1 Ice Merc
Harmony Blade Bow
Artisan Great Helm of Mammoth- 45ias +34life
Chains of Honor dusk shroud ( maxxed resists)

so what could i be doing better ?


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you have a whole lot of strength and vitality. from a pvm perspective (since i dont know much about pvp) you probably want at most 95str (since you have war travs) and 100 or so vitality (depending on experience and playstyle). and every other point you want in dexterity for damage.

if you pumped your strength for spirit (and an extra +1 to BO) you probably would have gotten more life by just putting those 60 points into vitality. ha. but even, dexterity rules. more dexterity. must. pump. dexterity. :lol:

you have a whole lot of points in the evasive skills. they have some serious diminishing returns and you could definitely get by a lot fewer points with enough +skills. seems like you have at least +7 skills and starting around lvl 8 or 9 you only get a +1% increase for every skill level of d/a/e. not a great deal. maybe max strafe, or multi instead of having those so high.

it looks like you have 0 life leech. i think having a little in pvm is pretty important.

and most people opt for an act ii might merc for damage boost.


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i barely do pvm, just solo basically and i own the hell cows easily, i wanted act1 merc for vigor

Vita is love for pvp, more life=stay alive longer, which to me is more important than dmg ( good defense beats good offense)