How is MF% calculated?


How is MF% calculated?

So I was wondering how MF% was calculated when switching around gear and including a merc.

Here's my situation: I have 260 mf with my regular gear and my merc has 87 mf.

On switch, I have a dual isted alibaba and a 4isted monarch.

1) does merc's mf count on top of mine (aka letting my merc deal the final blow to a monster and thus having his 87 mf added to mine) or does the merc cancel out my mf and only his counts when killing?

2) lets say I shoot a couple of hammers with the regular setup, and as they are flying around i switch to the more mf setup, do these hammers now have more mf from the new gear, or are only the hammers launched after the gear switch that have the extra mf %?


Evrae Altana

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1) Your merc's MF will add to yours only if he deals the killing blow. Otherwise, only your MF will be taken into account.
2) MF is calculated when the monster dies, so switching after you cast means that whatever monster is killed after the switch will benefit from the new MF percentage.


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if your in a party the mf of player that delivers the killing blow will be used, or if its a merc the merc+owners