how is defense so high for you guys?


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how is defense so high for you guys?

when you get to the upper levels, how are some of you pinging at 15k or more defense? is it charms or what?


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I think most Paladins get up that because of Holy shield. That skill is usually maxed in alot of builds. I have about 1.6k def before HS, it then climbs to about 16k thanks to HS and a Defiance merc. Maybe you could also post your gear as to why your def is low.


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Definitly Holy Shield. I think I have lvl 31 holy shield and it basically gets me from very little defense to +10k.


15k defense is not that hard at all to get with a pally. My pure foher, which is a caster build has 18k. Smiters and zealers usually have upwards of 40-50k defense, all this done by holy shield and its synnergy defiance. You also have to have some high defense items.


Don't forget that the Exile runeword:

1) Is Ethereal = 50% higher base defense (when calculated into HS/Def makes huge difference).

2) Comes with Defiance aura, which will synergize with whatever you already have.

If you max HS and synergize defiance, and then use Exile shield on top of that, your defense can hit 28-36K at least, and maybe up to 50K.


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40-50k def without defiance active. I dont think so lol even with max defiance it wouldn't be that much without defiance active

Eilo Rytyj

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40k+ is generally only achievable if using an ethereal-bugged Exile. A good
Exile Vortex can have 1600+ def on the shield alone.

Couple that with a 1600+ def Fortitude Archon, whatever Helm/Gloves/Boots/Belt they're using, the Auto-Defiance aura on Exile, Chilling Armor proc from Fortitude and Holy Shield, and you'll start to see those super high numbers.

My Zealot has 16k with just Holy Shield, and 20k when Chilling Armor from Fort procs. I don't use Exile though, just an upped HoZ.

oh, and GreyGhost, the Auto-Defiance on Exile wont "synergise" with Holy Shield per se, it'll just be an aura running on top of Holy Shield. A decent Zealot/Smiter using Exile can have a total of +900% defense or more with a fully synergised Holy Shield.


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Yup pretty much Eilo mentioned.

It is easy to get 15k to 16k def using HS with the typical items.

1.6k + fort
Gore Riders
Guilimare's face
Herald of Zak.

That item combo should let you hit the 15k mark with HS only.
If Chilling armor procs, it will climb to 20k, if you are using eth buggy exile expect to see at least 25k def by then.


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i use an 900def coh and regular gores, andy's helm, dracs, bk, ravenfrost, and highlords.
I have 22k def with an exile shield that is under 1k and has a lvl 13 i think defiance. That is with a level 30ish holy shield. with a bugged coh, its 24k i think.
I heard of some guy that had 70k def. Im assuming he had all eth gear and eth bugged runewords in order to reach that. nobody could hit him unless it was smite or some other "always hits" type of attack.