How i wish...


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How i wish...


How i wish that someone in Blizzard read this and like the idea enough to make it happen:

About my thoughts :idea: (Introduction)

I've been playing D2exp in bnet for over 5 years now. After diablo 1 (single player), i took more than a year to start playing D2, and i started playing exp. pack.
Ever since that first day, i always loved assassin char. My first one was an assassin, and i built it just by wanderings i had reading the skills description. It was a totally skill screw-up hybrid sin.
After a long time playing, being mocked by other far more experienced players and having a hard time to find a better armor than a Haemosu's Adamant, i began to look for info on internet, asking other players for help and advice... Until now!
I am not the wisest player you'll find aroud (not even close to that), but i have some experience and some things to say too. It is one of those things I'm about to say and share with you guys, now, on this very thread.

What is it??? :undecided:

Well, idk if anyone of you share of this feeling, but i feel like Blizzard guys dont like assassins as they do like sorcs, zons, barbs, pallys, necros or even druids (in that order!). The assassins are the frist topic (UPSIDE-DOWN!!) on their list!
I am not the right guy to say it, but this is how it feels to me. "Why?" would you ask me... Let me just give you some clue:

There are 32 sets of items, wich 16 of them are class specifyc:

Sorc (4): Arcanna's Tricks; Cathan's Traps; Naj's Ancient Vestige; Tal Rasha's Wrappings;
Zon (3): Artic Gear; Vidala's Rig; M'avina's Battle Hymn;
Barb (3): Berserker's Arsenal; Bul-Katho's Children; Immortal King;
Pally (2): Milabrega's Regalia; Griswold's Legacy;
Necro (2): Infernal Tools; Trang-Oul's Avatar;


Ok, how many sets there were left for both Druid and Assassin? Two! Only two:

Druid: Aldur's Watchtower;
Assassin: Natalya's Odyum.

You could not agree with me just because of that. "There are lots of sets, but only 1 set per class are real high-level sets"... Is that true???
Imo, just some of those sets are real high-level, making the full set an excellent gear for the user: Tal Rasha's, IK, ... Have i said Tal Rasha's??? Maybe Trang-Oul's, M'avina's are some good sets too... But its been a while since i saw a pally wearing full Griz... There is not a single good high level druid wearing full Aldur's! (Ok, i might overstate something here... lol)


After 1.10 patch, some changes (improvement)took place in the high-level sets... Shall we remember? :scratch:

Most of the so-called high-level set parts inherit some extra mods when you wear 2 or more pieces of the set. Most of those mods are extra skills, like:

Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye (orb): +1 to sorc skills level, -15% to enemy fire resist, -15% to enemy lightning resist, +15% to cold skills damage

Idk for sure if all the green bonuses on high-level set parts were added that time (1.10 patch) or almost all, but... If the sorc, zon, barb, pally, necro, druid sets earned extra mods (good ones), and some even inherit variable number of sockets, WHAT WAS THE NATALYA'S SET IMPROVEMENT??? Variable (1~3) socs in armor... AND THAT'S ALL!!!! :censored:

I could complain for days about other injustices, like the lack of claw runewords (or even lack of weapon runewords made by 2 or 3 runes)... But i am going to give a solution...


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I wish you could make grief in a claw. That way my WWsin would hit like a BvC with level 46 Venom.

Seriously, assassins are well balanced against the other characters. We do just fine in PvP, and trappers are a top build for PvM. You can make a kick/trap assassin who can clear the whole game quickly and then uber. Sorceresses can't uber. Amazons can't (well, maybe very rarely). We are in great shape.


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This is something that will make 2 things happen, mostly:

1 - Assassin players will be happy to be remembered by Santa this year;
2 - Not the items i'll suggest to be created will worth a lot to all players, but it will (probably) make nat's set be looked by people again as a real good gear!!!

Ok, i give you the:

Viz-jaq'taar Secret Ordeal (assassin set)

Vizjerei oath simbol (ring)
Horazon's exile (amulet)
Vizjerei unswearving faith (mithril coil)
Bartuc's sentence of blood (vampirebone gloves)
Vizjerei dimensional shredder (swayyah)

Ok, i'll develop the idea now... pls, wait some minutes to make a repply...


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This set can be used togheter with natalya's odyum...

Ok, now comes the tricky part! The set will have add-on powers in the pieces, so it'll increase its power while the char wear other parts (as any set). The parts of the set will have interesting powers to all chars, so the value of the set will be high (everyone will look for some part of it). There is no need to say that the assassin will be very favored by using both nat's and the new set.

rings: + 20 life; 20% better chance of getting magic items; +10 replenish life; +10 strenght (2 pieces); 10% faster cast rate (3 pieces); +10 dex (4 pieces); +1 martial arts (full set);

amulet: +2 assassin skills; + (0,25 per char lvl) 0-24,75 % deadly strike; + (0,33 per char lvl) 0-33 % poison skill damage; +20 vitality (2 pieces); + (15 per char lvl) 15-1485 atack rating (3 pieces); +1 to vengeance (4 pieces); +1 to whirlwind (full set);

swayyah: 250~350 e.damage % (varies); drain life -15; 2 sockets; +1 to martial arts; requirements -20%; +10-15 str (varies); +10-15 dex (varies); adds 25-500 lightning damage (2 pieces); -15% to enemy lightning resist (3 pieces); +1 to martial arts (4 pieces); +1 to zeal (full set);

glove: 50~150 e.def. % (varies); Ignore target's defense; prevent monster heal; slows target by 20%; +2 to shadow disciplines; +5% to max fire resist (2 pieces); +5% to max cold res. (3 pieces); +5% to max poison resist (4 pieces); +5% to max lightning resist (full set);

belt: 100~120 e.def. % (varies); increase maximum mana by 10%; 5% chance to cast life tap lvl 8 on atack; 20% chance to cast lvl 12 cloak of shadows when struck; fire resist + 40-50 % (varies); 40% faster hit recovery (2 pieces); 40% faster run/walk (3 pieces); + (0,45 per char lvl) 0-44,55 lightning absorb (4 pieces); 30% ias (full set);

set bonus: +400 def (2 pieces); 100% better chance of getting magic items (3 pieces); damage + 300 (4 pieces); +40% chance to open wounds, 66% chance of crushing blow, +3 to assassin skills (full set).


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Ok... now i'm done... I want you people to tell what you think about all i wrote here... and about the set i invented... Make sugestions, pls!



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I wish you could make grief in a claw.
Hey, HappyAssassin! I was thinking about grief too... check the set bonuses... (Damage + 300). And it will be used by pallys too (or maybe... just equip glove, ring and belt...).


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All the noob sets were created before assassins and druids were put in the game. When the expansion pack came out no more noob sets were created, that's why there aren't any for assassins/druids. None of the noob sets are truly class specific in the sense that you can wear the full set on any class of character.

Silent Shaddow

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lol that is the wierd item idea set ive eva seen...
zeal? on an amu?
na... we assas are in very good shape,
if u have a ~lvl 30 lld pala, my assa will happily show him the door

the rw that i most want in claws is a lawbringer
but grief working for kicks would be very cool... i mean how come smiters get it and we dont? if it did work that would be the end or palas and barbs and stuff ruling over pvp.... 1 good kicksin and then they would have something to run from... :jig:


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Hey, think about it:

Trang set has fire ball and meteor, and other fire sorc spells... Why cant a sin have pally skills on a set? We already have ww on a rw claw...

I like lw too... But what is so good about it? Life tap! If wasnt for life tap, my kick sin would use death or another weapon, maybe even stormlash! The set got it, and every char can use it for life tap. And its "on atack", not "on striking"!!!!

Its a perfect ww/trap combo: +1 to trap on ring. Wear 2 and u got +2 to trap... The claw has -15% to enemy lightning resist (awesome!). Imagine your sentrys... You can even equip a +2 skills armor, a good rare trapclaw, a shako... The set gives you lots of atack rating, for the ww's, and - (0,33 per char lvl) 0-32,66 % to enemy poison res? wow!!! Wear a bramble, if you like, and see your poison damage goes up and beyond!!!

Plus: Idk if damage +300 would work for kicks (great if it does), but i guess it wors for blade fury! Its major!

If you wear it with nat's, you dont need to worry about resists (the only res nats is a bit low is fire... Fixed with this set...). You'll have everything you ever want for a gear!

I know all that other sets are noob sets, but what do u think about Tal Rasha's, IK and other sets got improvements after 1.10 and nats just got some socs??? I think its very unfair.... C'mon, Blizzard can do better than that! Imo, we should have doubt about using a runeword gear or a set gear.... But today, if you can afford for it, theres no doubt you'll get runewords on all your gear!


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silent shaddow said:
but grief working for kicks would be very cool... i mean how come smiters get it and we dont? if it did work that would be the end or palas and barbs and stuff ruling over pvp.... 1 good kicksin and then they would have something to run from... :jig:
If that were the case, then kickers would be the new smiter and everyone would make one, and then playing a kicker wouldn't be as original.


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No... Smite is good not because of the damage, but because you dont worry about atack rating... It'll simply hit every time!!! Thats why they are so popular... The highest atack rating you can get in an effective build is got by kickers, and yet we dont hit ubbers every simgle kick.


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Elven, not trying to be harsh, but you don't know what you're talking about.

Increasing Sins anymore would just make them stupidly overpowered.

As it stands now you can take a naked assa through hell with the use of Shadow master, DS and LS.

Assassins are one of the best all round characters there is.

What other class except palas can do EFFECTIVE Elemental and Physical hybriding? None...and not to mention that Sins get Venom as well, so 3 different damage sources in an effective hybrid build...

The only thing Sins could do with imo is maybe make the first kick in a sequence possible of 6 frames instead of 7 being the fastest, and more claw runewords just for fun..


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Well, thats why that would increase not only sin, but everyone could use that gear, except for the claw...

C'mon, The only sin build that get nice crushing blow is kicker sin build...

And, in part, you get the spirit: There is not enough runewords for claw... We need some more, even if its for fun!

Btw, havnt you even noticed that i had the work of looking at the sins history to choose the set name (and the pieces too). The claw have a disadvantage (drain life -15)! You'll need to keep life-leeching or using potions to stay alive, or use 2 rings or another stuff with high replenish life...

That will be a hell of a gear for a sin, but not stronger than the highest rw gear combination there is now! And like i said, its not only sins that could get the beneficts of this gear!!! We just will be the only class that could wear it fully...


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Arbedark: i hate to point out there is 1 other character than can go naked through the entire hell game:

summon necro w/ merc

skellies for physical damage, amp damage to remove PI's. Decrep to slow the bosses down w/ clay golem and they are super slow (u can out run them by walking at times if needed)

did i mention corpse explosion for elemental damage and mages for very low elemental damage, though those that are elementally immune get their PI broken by amp damage.

your statement is false stating only a trap sin can do it.


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Anti-Life. You need to learn better. Nowhere in my post do I state that ONLY sins can do it.

I was just pointint out that they are hardly underpowered as they CAN do it..

Silent Shaddow

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anti-life: i hate to point out there is nothing more stupid than argueing Arbedark...
summoners are good but a properly built assa is better
oh and yes we all know about the summoner thankyou very much...
your statement is false stating only a trap sin can do it.
lol ur wrong thinking arbe eva said that...
he said this...
EFFECTIVE Elemental and Physical hybriding? None.
which is very true...
my assa has ur average kicking, a 13 yard ce from ds and 4.5k trap dmg...
and it was just to easy...:shocked:

palas can make a v/t etc using convic and other stuff but the point is that a summoner is no where near as effective in those elements... i mean wtf.. hows a summoner going to get light dmg?
and also last time i checked u could get ctc curses... erm ur amasing amp doesnt look so impressive when my assa can trigger decrepify every 5 hits...

oh and if u want anothe char that can solo hell then it will be time for a superdave linky...
and i just got pwn my avbe's typing :shocked: