How good is this weapon to Hammerdin?


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How good is this weapon to Hammerdin?

Magic Rose Brand War Scepter :
+3 Combat
+2 Concent
+2 Bless hammer

Not try to socket yet.

How does this compare to other Hammer weapon? I mean dmg wise.

Thx for your inputs



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its pretty awesome weapon with 2 skill greater damage and possibility of 2 sockets for resis or watever u want

but i would still go with hoto for its
cast rate
and 3 to not only blessed hammer but concentrate as well


just did some calculations with a low lever hammer with a damage of 6467-6534 with ur weapon

and with hoto it is at 6556-6629

not a big difference if ur looking for something different


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as above, make sure you reach cast rate breakpoints with your equip, else i'd go for some other weapon, like Hoto or even wizardspike.


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So for hammer dmg wise

This one with :
+5 hammer
+2 concent

doing a little less dmg than a HOTO?

HOTO has better mods.. resist,. fcr etc..

Then i'd send it to the trade forum... lol

Thx Tinncann for the calculations. ( i don't have hoto so i can't compare )



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For a decent level synergies hammer that scepter does more damage than hoto but the mods on hoto/wiz are nice.


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U still would need 75% fcr so ud have to give up ring slots, so extra skills on that weapon are kinda moot.