How good is this map for WSK?

Crazy Runner Guy

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NSXdreamer said:
Not the best, but still pretty good. The best I've had is just a turn away in the third level as well.
Funny, I just had a map very similar (if not exactly the same) to that for one of my characters. I liked it a lot.



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Not that great really. The best you can get for a non tping character would have the throne stairs about a screen and a bit away from the entrance.

For a character with tele, you can get maps where the next level is one or two tele's away


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My hammerdins Baal map is awesome. It's one tele and a 5 second run to the throne room. Then 3-4 Tele's to Baal's minions.


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Don't listen to the others, that's a pretty sweet map. With a bit of faster run/walk you should be able to get to the throne in no time, and Burst Of Speed on an assasin:) It takes some time to get a good WSK map, because you have 2 variable levels so I would definitely stick with this one. Also even if you get that one good sweet map chances are that you'll need teleport to fully take advantage of it, and who has Enigma. I had a similar map with my skellymancer where the first stairs where just a bend away, but the next one where a bit further away than yours, and I never considered shifting. Depends on how anal you are. I'm not sure that a martial arts assasin would be the best Baal runner though.


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I usually dont see a somewhat larger map a problem, rather a possibilty for more monsters and thereby more drops :)
But it´s a decent map if Baal/minions is your target
I did have a map which has lvl 3 simular to corrupted's, but level 2 was a 30 second sprint to the next level, so not ideal. Anyway, i MP'ed with it so its gone now.
I'm still hoping for the perfect map, which is basically like dokhogg's lvl 2, but for both levels. geting to the throne room within 20 seonds will drastically improve my baal running ability.:)