How good is my HC char?


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How good is my HC char?

Ok currently I made an HC char. Frenzy Barb. It's been fun so far with a few close calls (still have yet to save and exit so I don't die) and I need to know where to go in equipment.

Here is what I've got...

Helm-Expert's Great Helm. I have a Harlequin Crest in storage (2 lvs to go)
Weps 1 and 2-Dual Lightsabres
Gloves-none for now I have Soul Drainer in storage (14 lvs to go)
Belt-Nightsmoke for now. I have Verdungo's and an Arachnid Mesh in storage (3 lvs to go and 20 lvs to go)
Boots-Infernostride I had no other choice D:
Rings 1 and 2-Dual Carrion Wind. I'm thinking of giving up 8% life leech for 5% (BK just found it last night :) )
Amulet-Telling of Beads I have Highlord's in storage

Any suggestions? I will most likely NOT get rid of my Lightsabres because of the ITD and nice mdmg and ldmg. With a normal hit I COULD take out PI's it would just be difficult.

EDIT: I also have a Bloodmoon in stash for a Blood Golem wall. For my wep switch. Also have a lidless wall

EDIT2: I am an sp player so ladder rws are out of question. I will not download the mod for it.
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Re: How good is my HC char?

i´d suggest to keep ur eyes open for an arreat(#1 choice) or a guilliaumes (#2 imo). shako looks kinda ugly on a barb, but will serve any char very well

for gloves i´d try to craft some with the blood recipe, ll, life and cb are a given on them, and can have excellent adds.

for the belt verdungo is a solid choice and better than arach imo, but again i think a blood belt can be better. ow, life and possibly fhr str and the like...

if u can already u should switch the amu to highlord, as its the best amu for phys melees. maybe keep an atma´s available for phys immunes

as for boots, gore riders or goblins are the best choice

i don´t know what u have available, but a stormlash is a very nice weapon worth thinking about

i don´t know which runewords are available in SP, but i´d switch to something like stone or a shaftstop would work fine too


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Re: How good is my HC char?

Well for boots I saw that Goreriders are best, for gloves it said dracul's grasp but Blood will work just as good. I don't have an Arreat's Face (atm) But my brother did get me a Guilliames today (I was so happy I completed the set at the same time), I read that Verdungo's was the best for Frenzy barb and for a wep I got the Azurewrath and Passion reccomendation. Stormlash I will look up to see what it is and I will look up stone and shaftstop as well.