How good can revives be on my pally?


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How good can revives be on my pally?

Hey guys. I'm thinking of making a pvm paladin who will use certain items to make him a summoner:

Weapon: Eternity Zerker
Armor: Courpsemourn
Shield: HoZ
Helm: Shako w/Um
Gloves: Draculs/trangs
Boots: Marrowwalks
Belt: Arachnids
Ring: SoJ
Ring: Wisp Projector
Ammy: Metalgrid

Act 2 Might Merc:
Weapon: eth Pride
Armor: Bramble AP
Helm: Vamp

So i will have 8 revives and an iron golem who will have a damage bonus from concentration, my high level fanaticism, might, and Heart of wolverine. They will have thorns from my merc and i can cast IM from metalgrid or lifetap from marrowalks. I will also be using corpse explosion from courpsemourn and maybe a few strategic bone prisons here and there.

I bring this up here because i want to get some necro experts' opinions on whether or not my revives can be effective in hell with all the plus damage i have and the thorns/im/lifetap.

Lord Nyax

Major problem: You have charges. Every 180 seconds are you gonna go to town and shell out 400-some k to repair them?

I had a semi-related idea, only more Thorns based. With level 40+ Thorns, you can kill a lot of monsters...summon a Valk using Harmony and let things kill themselves. Only problem comes when you get things that don't attack with melee...

Back on topic, I think you're going to have your merc kill 99% of monsters, if you do try this...prolly not a good idea...not to deter you, but it certainly is a lot to shell out for a build that is inherently "flawed" (speaking of the charges problem).


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So you don't think revives with 900% enhanced damage combined with thorns will do anything?

and i wouldnt have be going to town every 180 second. Thats why i pick eternity over harmony. Eternity has ** charges, which should last quite a while. But yah, i plan to have lots of gold and ort runes.


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withoutout SM, you revives will suck, and probably will wander away/die very often... you will go through ** charges in no time

Mad Mantis

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munchkins said:
withoutout SM, you revives will suck
At level 8 they'll still have 200% of the life of a normal monster in Hell. Makes them quite tough. With all the other auras they can be helpful and useful, but he'll go bankrupt very fast.


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i think i'd actually use enigma instead of courpsemourn because i will be using this gear for fun on a pvp character im making, so i want those vitality points.

So about the revives wandering off, does tele keep them near you?


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Revives do teleports with you.

If ya plan on doing pvp with this setup I wish you luck against any experinced dueler.

Merc don't last long in duel and you might find yourself with much less aura you plan to use.


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I meant i was making a pvp character that already uses fanaticism, and just use this setup sometimes for fun in pvm.


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Eternity is indestructible if I remember it right, but what I know you will not be able to use it for an ethereal weapon or the extra charges will be VERY expensive... So you will most probably have to make the eternity of your own and expect low resale value, not that eternitys are much sought for anyway... Fun idea though, may I suggest making a goldfind char at the same time to support it?


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wait if its indestructible, how do i repair to recharge the charges?

and as far as gold, i usually juat leave some space in my inventory and pick up all armors, orbs, and necro heads and stuff. It amps up gold really quick.

and i have some ort runes saved up. and i have a few sojs to put in here, so maybe i could find a good trade of a couple sojs for tons of orts.