How get Higher Level Runewords in Ladder?

Diego Teixeira de Souza

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Im not an expert in D2, and i dont have much time to play, but in the next ladder i wanna make my Infinity runeword for light sorc.
Is possible to make an Infinity RH? There are some tips, from experts D2 ply, to make High runewords in Ladder?
Have you ever been able to make runewords on the ladder? Share your experience, plz.


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I have never failed to get at least and enigma. I’ve had two or three infinity, multiple last wish, fort, coh, hota, etc..

It’s harder now with fewer people playing but if you play a few weeks most nights you’ll probably get a hr or two, which never happened in the past.


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When I played on bnet, I haven't ever completed a runeword with self-found runes on ladder if it involved two HRs or more (i.e. Ohm and higher). I got the runes through trading.