How fundamental is the skill system to an arpg like D4?

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When you look at the skill systems in the numerous arpg's around atm and think about the effort they have put into making their skill systems different from each other and weight up what impact all this work has had on the overall experience of playing each one. Does it ultimately matter? Why?

Does it come down to skill systems being dynamic (D3) vs static (D2)? If you build a dynamic skill system you end up giving away build, whereas if you go with a static system you trade-off adaptability, versatility and to some degree simplicity. What impact have these decisions had on the overall end-user experience?

It can start to feel like a lot of work goes into something that could really be a little more than fan service. The core arpg experience to me seems to be about running off into some dangerous wilds grabbing some stuff and bringing it home without getting killed preferably. It's all about hoarding at its root level. If that's accurate then doesn't it make the whole skill system and the effort invested into trying to make them matter seem like that time could have been better spent elsewhere? Like making loot that really matters instead.

If they are going to say that D4 is a true throwback to D2 then you would expect the loot to be the primary way they would express this to us.


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Yes, it matters if you value character progression in an action role playing game. If you look at the skill system in path of exile, you get a pretty good example of a poorly designed skill system. Its full of useless skill points that gives you two more strength and things like that. It pretty much ruins the fun of building your character class. I think it works really well in diablo 2, since it more or less feels like every single skill point you invest matters. I think it should stay that way.
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