how does this sound?


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how does this sound?

how does this look to u guys?

str enough for items
dex: enough for max block
vit: everythin else
energy: none

20 sacrifice (synergy)
20 zeal
20 charge
10 holy shield
20 fanatacism
everythin else into vigor (useful and synergy)


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Sounds great if u like zealots. It's basically a zealot with some charge. I guess you'll use zeal/fanat 99% of the time for pvm. I guess you'll do some pvp. Your pvp preferance for charge or zeal will depend on whatever gear u get a hold of. Charge for pvm is all about fun cause there is no pwnin mobs with charge and mobs are everywhere in pvm. It's all about how you play the game and I don't know what you're going to do with this char.


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thx. if this build is good i will come up with a name for it =) Also, how much dex would u say i need for max block (with 10 in holy shield). I do mainly pvm, cause most of my builds have been terrible at pvp, so im hoping to change that with this.


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Is this PvP? never said in the post. I do lots of PvM so i'll write as if you were doing PvM.

Charge is a sweet skill indeed, but i personally would max holy shield before charge. actually, i would let charge stay at level 1 (+ skills and the +% from the 2 synergies) and put the points in defiance for massive defense. That'll let your zeal's go on longer without being interrupted and you'll take less damage.
This would be my layout:
~10 Zeal
20 sacrifice
20 holy shield
20 fanatisicm
rest in defiance and zeal (alternate between the two)
1 salvation

As for equipment choices, i would equip either runeword "ShaelUmTir" or any other static field weapon (unless you are rich, equip whatever then). Also go for gore riders or guillehams face for the crushing blow/deadly strike if you wish.

level 30 -50, drop the shield and see if you can get a ribcracker. ribcracker will do enough damage and the crushing blow completely destroy any monsters. Who cares about the shield in late normal/early mid nightmare?

The reason i have zeal only at 10 in the beginning is because Sacrifice gives a bigger damage boost and fatacism gives you plenty of AR (and good damage too).


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Zarfol said:
That'll let your zeal's go on longer without being interrupted
i've heard that zeal in now uninteruptable. i think its true cause my zeal pallies now tank better than ever.