How Does This Setup Look for My Rabies/Fury Dr00d?


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How Does This Setup Look for My Rabies/Fury Dr00d?


I usually don't play Druids but this Rabies/Fury Druid looks pretty impressive.

I want to put the emphasize on Rabies and gear seems to be a be factor for damage.

Helm-Jalal's (Socket?)
Armor-45%+ Bramble Dusk
Belt-15 DR Verdungoe's
Ring 1-20/230+ Raven Frost
Ring 2-Carrion Wind
Boots-Wraith Band (~50 Res to all besides Psn; ~18 Str, 20 FHR)
Wep 1-?
Shield 1-Hel'd SS
Wep 2-Death's Web
Shield 2-20/20 Monarch

Charms-10x SS GCs /w 35+ Life
20/15+ Annihilus
9x 3/20/20

What weapon should I get to hit a decent Fury and Rabies BP?

What IAS/FHR problems do you see?

How much Str should I get approximately if I want to get a high HP Dr00d?

And...would it be possible to hit 7,000-8,000 HP w/o CtA and a SLvl 46 Shift?



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hel ss, you can get a -15 req/better stat jeweld one, Um would be a good option for your jalas, or another faucet

use griz caddy with 3 ed/ias + random you like

you haev no running speed. and no with a brmble you wont hit that much life i dont think

i suggest you get an engima (base str= more more more life), and then YOU CAN CATCH UP TO THEM! 45% r/w fast in, fast out, fast dodging. Most 40k rabies is overkill for most pvp characters. But incase, you cna get a very low str bramable and if you can str bug it on (take off enigma and equip it with + str from gear, that would be pretty awesome, but quite a hassle to do every time you die.

just remeber that druids need crazy dexterity for blocking, so you're going to need to split points between vit and dex, and if you dont use low str its going mainly into str/dex and rest into vit so you get less life


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Imo, botd zerker or ladder grief pb. Gris caddy will just do too little damage without fortitude or 120 max jewelers armor to back it up.