How does frenzy work?


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Hello, excuse me if this question was asked before, but i wasnt able to find an answer so far.

How does Frenzy work?

I use frenzy, then for 6 seconds my normal (without any skill) attacks receive the attack and damage bonus (plus the attack and walking bonus) from frenzy?

Also, attacks made with an attack skill receives attack speed and walking speed bonus only?


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Hi, and welcome here.

For everything you want to know about Frenzy, check this page. Basically, when you apply the skill Frenzy, you go into a Frenzy state, increasing attack speed and movement speed. This increases with each succesful attack, up to the slvl of Frenzy and influences any attack, so not only normal attack but also other skills like Bash, Concentrate, Double Throw, ... The AR and damage bonus of the Frenzy skill only apply to the Frenzy skill itself. At least that's how I understand it.