How does blood golem work?


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How does blood golem work?

I was reading about blood golems, and it apparently shares the life it leeches with you right? So I've been thinking: what happens if I'm partied with a pally who provides a thorns aura to my blood golem?


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Perhaps you can find the info in here.

The Golem FAQ

Hope that has some info for you!


I guess I found it for ya :)
Life Draining Ability

Disregard what Arreat says on the matter. The BG's life drain is now based completely on its own attack rather than the total amount of your enemy's hit points. Furthermore, if it is affected by a damage return ability like Thorns or Iron Maiden, the life drained is based off of its attack rather than how much damage the enemy attacker did to it. Without a heavy investment in points, it's not likely that it will be making up the difference against some of the nastier melee attackers in Hell and it remains highly vulnerable against elemental attacks.


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once upon a time (1.09 I think) all you need to excel in nercomancy (and all the way to hell) was a level 3 (over 100% life leech) blood golem and a thron merc, when your merc started the throne aura you blood golem will benefit from it.

when your blood golem got hit, the damage return from the aura will count as damage that the blood golem dealt to the monster (1.09 "feature"), therefore blood golem leeches from the damage and it heal the golem and the necro.

level 3 was critical coz it heal 106% of the damage deal, therefore even with the throne aura 100% damage return it will generate excess hit point every time the golem get hit.

i.e. monster hit golem for 50 damage, golem take 50 damage, but it return 100% (throne aura) so the monster take 50 damage as well, coz it count as golem hit, it generate 53 hp (106%), now your golem recover from the 50hp loss and 3 hp spill over that goes to the necro.

edit: the higher the %damage return from thorn aura and the higher the level of the golem; the higher the hp generated. With level 1 throne aura starts at 250% you can see how this will make blood golem rules the melee domain. it is still very weak against elemental attacks.

some dude changed this in 1.10 (I think) and as it stand I dont think it will work anymore.

Lord Nyax

If a Necromancer doesn't have to fight/claw/bite his way up through Hell, he needs to be bashed with the nerf stick. Some Pally lover was in charge of the 1.10 and 1.11 can always tell. Although, I do like the upgrade to the skellies....I'd say overall Necros improved.