How does Absorb & Resistance work together?


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How does Absorb & Resistance work together?

Arreat Summit says Absorb #% is "roughly equivalent to 2x#% Resistance", and is "not bound by the resistance cap".
1. 80% res + 20% abs = 120% res = heal me 20%?
2. or 80% res + 20% abs = 80% + (1-80%)x(1-2x20%) res = 92% res?
3. or 80% res + 20% abs = 2x20% + 80%x(1-2x20%)) res = **% res?

What about Absorb specific amount (like T-God belt)? Will it heal me?


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i think it works like this.... say 100 cold dmg was done to you, with 80 res and 20 sorb

resist removes 80% of the 100, leaving 20 damage... 20 % is absorbed (4, which adds to you hp, and the rest of them 16 damge happens, so you lose in effect 12 hp)

so that leaves you at the equivelent of **% res


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munchkins' numbers look correct. It's only "roughly equivalent" if you have 0% resists, so just ignore that ridiculous generalization.

Absorb gets factored in after resistances, which get factored in after MDR, which gets factored in after EShield. So the "order of operations" for fire, cold, and lightning damage is:

1. EShield
2. MDR
3. Resists
4. Absorb

%absorb is capped at 40%, so %absorb can never heal you. (You'd need greater than 50% absorb to be healed.)

Straight absorb, such as TGod's, can heal you if the damage after EShield, MDR, and resists is less than twice the amount of absorb you have (which in this case would mean 40 lightning damage).


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Just to add in that you also loose the life, then the absorb kicks in and heals you.

In the above example, you actually loose 20 life, then are healed by 4 points.

Someone stop if I'm wrong here - just going off memory which isn't always that good.

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sounds right, ive killed some smart *^& barbs b4 with my trapper by using vemon and then trapping them although i now realised i should have used mb..


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Pretty sure you gain 4 life first, and then lose 16, which means if you start with max health, you'll lose 16 after the attack.
@OP: you can read more about resistance and reduction in this sticky.