how does a summoner deal with act2? (maggot lair)


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how does a summoner deal with act2? (maggot lair)

well maybe this question has been raised b4(im sure it has) but i cant find the answer, naybe im not looking in the right if some1 would be kind enuf to give an answer id appreciate it

my necro can pretty much solo hell, all except act2 (specifcally maggot lair and arcane)

the prob is only 1 or two minions can attack at a time due to the narrow paths

the only solution i can come up with is teleport charges but i havent come acorss a godly ammy or runes for enigma

so what do u pros do??? just suck it up and take forever to solo?? find a questing game??? any other options or better ways to deal with it???? id be glad to hear any suggestions


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I suck in Arcane, too. And I have no solutions for that. What makes Arcane worse than the Lair is that not only you have a couple of skeletons attacking at one time but a lot of monsters can fire at you!

For the Maggot Lair I do have a solution.

I got a really tough Merc. He's a lvl 86 Might Merc. He does 1000 dmg when "soloing." And with Jab that's pretty good dmg. I give him Tal Mask and 3 Amn's Spear, so as long as he's attacking he won't die. So before I go into the Lair I unsummon all my minions except the Glay Golem. Then I go in and try to direct my merc do the dmg. Amy Dmg is always used. After the first corpse falls, CE. The CE chain reaction is not always initiated, but it's almost always a victory finally.


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I find Arcane to be a piece of cake for me. If I'm on B.Net, I keep rerolling the map in new games until the summoner is in the direction with the teleporters. If I'm playing SP, then I don't worry about it. I find that my skeles keep up pretty well.

Maggot Lair, on the other hand...


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I hate the Maggot Lair. My final solution involved a Buriza, amp damage and Corpse Explosion. I just couldnt make the Merc stand in the right places.

Once I got to the boss area I TP'd out and made my full army (revives included) and TP'd back in with ALL of em in the room. There wasn't a corpse left un-exploded in the whole thing.

Arcane was a pain but that just took a while to get the summoner where I wanted him.

Since then I have picked up a staff with 65 charges of Teleport for times like that.


Diabloii.Net Member do you know which direction the Summoner is in on Bnet? MH? Or can you actually tell without seeing the whole map?

Re: the Maggot Lair/Arcane...see, this is the main problem I have with a pure Skelemancer, pure Venomancer or any build that relies too heavily on one mode of attack/damage...the game will trip you up eventually. Gogo hybrids!

But yes, the lair is a pain for the Skelemancer, but I found that if you walk ahead of your skeles, then backtrack behind them (you can walk through them) they'll advance forward toward the baddies. Trouble with this route is that odds are, only one of two will be doing the attacking, especially in tight corridors. In that case, Amp damage and wait for the first corpse to drop then CE.

And yes, a strong merc will do wonders in the lair. I used this same approach in the Arcane occasionally, but really, both areas weren't so much a problem for me as I went with a Bonemancer build with some points into Skeles. Best of both worlds and most areas are no probem.



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Ah the old Maggots Lair, god I hate that area. I did this last night in HC with my summoner in Hell.

Like you, I can't afford fancy armor or amulets, but I can afford a staff with tele charges. Doesn't take long to shop for one. I tele up to the bad guys and then back my necro off. Let my merc and summons get the first kill. Then I CE everything.

This quest is by far the slowest for a summoner, but it can be done if you are patient, and if in HC, careful. If you happen to have a high level bonespear or bonespirit you can help your minions out. Alas, I only have a fairly high posion nova, and since 1/2 of the stuff down there is posion immune.........



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Xiamet said: do you know which direction the Summoner is in on Bnet? MH? Or can you actually tell without seeing the whole map?
I'm guessing that what he means is that he makes a game and then clears the teleport branch of the arcane sanctuary. If the summoner isnt at the end, he makes a new game and takes the tp branch again. There is always a 25% chance to get the summoner on the tp branch, so its only a matter of time.


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^ What he said. I find that it's just easier than trying to fight with keeping my minions around.

That and the little "explosion" of specters when you exit one looks so damn cool...