How do you plan a vacation?


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How do you plan a vacation?

I'd like to go to Mexico next winter or spring, but I really have no clue how to plan any of this kind of stuff. I know there are travel agencies and stuff but that seems like its just more money that I could be spending on the trip. Since I live in Upstate NY, driving is not an option so Id have to find a cheap flight out of Syracuse or Rochester.

Does anyone to know any good sites to find places to visit? I suppose I could just pick a town, go there and find a place to stay and eat... But It would be nice to have some forsight into this.

Ive also discovered this beautiful little paradise in on the coast of Bosnia called Neum, so I suppose thats an alternative... But at this point in time I have my heart set on Mexico for two reasons: I dont want to forget spanish... and open pharmacies!

I know some of you like to travel, so give up the secrets!


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Most budget travellers like Lonely Planet, I like Footprint... They are pretty much the same, just slight difference in the presentation format. Either way, just grab a copy of their guidebooks and you'll know Mexico better than the Mexicans do. :)


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I don't know if the "Let's Go" series has any books on Mexico, but you should check them out. They do traveling on a budget, for students and stuff. It's a very honest guide book that doesn't spend lots of time romanticizing certain places, but gives a great look at the must see things and some out of the way things you wouldn't find yourself.


That's their website, if you want to check them out.

About Let's Go said:
About Let's Go

For over four decades, travelers have relied on Let's Go for inside information on undiscovered backstreet cafes, secluded beaches, and the best routes from border to border. All that is still in there, but now in the second year of our relaunch, our revamped guides bring you not only the hard facts you need to get around, but also the information you need to make sense of the place you're in. With new features focused on current events, culture, and politics, this year's Let's Go series provides depth you won't find in any other guidebook.

It all started in 1960 when a handful of well-traveled students at Harvard University handed out a 20-page mimeographed pamphlet offering a collection of their tips on budget travel to passengers on student charter flights to Europe. The following year, in response to the popularity of the first volume, students researched the first full-fledged edition of Let's Go: Europe. Throughout the 60s and 70s, our guides reflected the times—in 1969, for example, we taught you how to get from Paris to Prague on "no dollars a day" by singing in the street. In the 90s we focused on producing guides that showed how to get off the beaten path and experience destinations without hordes of tourists in the way.

Now in its 45th edition and translated into seven languages, Let's Go: Europe reigns as the centerpiece in the world's bestselling budget travel guide series. The series now has a total of 45 titles, each infused with the spirit of adventure that travelers around the world have come to count on. But some things never change: our guides are still researched, written, and produced entirely by students who know first-hand how to see the world on the cheap.


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Don't forget to find out prices for everything ahead of time. Those Mexicans will rip you off at every corner. Beers are between 60 cents and $3. Taxis can scam you for $15 for a $2 ride. I've seen too many tourists give $10 for a $1 ride.

Remember minimum wage is ~$7/DAY. So you give someone $5 over what's it's worth, it'll really make his day.


ask my wife where she wants to go, look up how much it costs, start saving till we have the money. the rest is up to her.