How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??


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How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

I've started running more and more mf runs now... I have a habit of picking up almost everything green/yellow/gold. I usually sell the rares for gud money unless they actually have realli nice mods, and i keep all green and gold. That means.. I end up with tons and tons of green breast plates... =(

How do you organize your stashes in your GoMule/ATMA?

I keep a separate stash for chippies and pgems, while anything in between is being cubed by my lvl 1 barb sitting back in Rogue Camp.
I have a stash for keeping my runes, low, mid, high runes all jumbled together.
I also keep stashes for any valuable charms, OS items, and high level rare/sets/uniques, and have a huge stash file where i dump anything not worth my time to sell.

My GoMule looks like...

How do YOU organize your junks? xD

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Re: How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

With ATMA I had to break things up to keep load times reasonable. GoMule is fast enough that I haven't seen the need to divide stuff... plus it has filters which help you find what you're looking for quickly.

When I used ATMA I kept two stashes... items and consumables (runes, gems, jewels)

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Re: How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

I have one stash for each item slot (belt, gloves, weapons, etc), a stash each for resistance, damage, and mf charms, a stash for high runes, a stash for low runes, a stash for pgems, a stash for chipped-flawless gems, a stash for jewels, a stash for mercenary items, and a stash for twink items. It was kind of a pain setting it all up, but it makes it easy to get the item I want quickly.


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Re: How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

I use GoMule and have three projects which hold different items. (If GoMule support directory tree in one project, I'd merge them.)

I. general
1) Merc weapons/armors for merc
2) Swap mf swap or FCR swap
3) TODO items that could be upgraded or re-rolled
4) Twinked
5) bad_unique
6) beginner items that has rlvl<=30
7) charged items with charged skills or oskills, LR, Life Tap, Tele
8) craft bad jewels, high level magic items
9) gems flawless+ gems
10) chipped
11) jewels useful Jewels
12) medium items that has rlvl>30, exceptional sets, um+ runes
13) rejeuv I play HC, so I keep some of these
14) rune um- runes
15) rw base item for rune words
16) useless_rings magic rings and amulets
17) white white item for Charsi

II. Class specific
one stash for each class. items with +class skills, mainly circlets and amulet

1) TODO charms to re-roll
2) AR
3) DEF
4) DEX
5) Elementary elementary and poison damage
6-7) FHR/FRW
8-11) CR/LR/FR/PR resistance
12) Life
13) Life_Mana
14) MF
15) RALL resist all charms
16) STR
17) Skiller

With filter function and string search function in GoMule, it's easy to filter what you need.

By the way, the string search function is very powerful, but no document is provided. I tried it out myself and was happy it worked as I expected.
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Re: How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

I used to have a seprate stash for everything, rare gloves, unique gloves, magic gloves etc.

But now, since I use GoMule, I use less stashes.

Charms - Skillers
Crafting supplies(crappy jewels mostly)
Gems - All(this is for chipper to flawless gems)
Gems - Perfect
Jewels(good ones, which might be good for socketing)
Rare Jewelery(rare rings and ammys)
Rare(all kind of them)
Runes El-Io
Runes Lum-Zod
Socketables(white and grey items for making runewords)
Twink(goofy low level items and twinking stuff, like saphire or max damage armors)
Unique Armor
Unique Jewelery
Unique Weapons


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Re: How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

i've always just thrown everything in one stash, since gomule has search options to find what your looking for i never really saw the need for a stash for each type of item. Although i do keep my socketable items in a seperate stash... dunno why just do. =/


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Re: How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

Huh, and I thought I had too many stashes... :)

I've got:
Crafting Stash (White/socketed items, bad jewels, all runes, all gems. I'm bad at remembering to pick up actual crafting bases...)
Level 85+ Junk Items (What it says on the tin. Mostly charms, rings, and amulets. For re-rolling or crafting.)
MF Stash
Set Item Stash
Twinking Stash
Main Stash (everything that doesn't go somewhere else)

I also have a Junk Stash for things that are... well, junk... but that for some reason I don't want to get rid of. I don't usually keep it loaded unless I need it, since having it show up in the "All" search annoys me.

One of these days I need to consolidate the Set and Main stashes (with excess set items going to the Junk stash.)
Main Stash


Re: How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

You can find three identical threads here.
Was that a joke?

I have separete stash and sell stashes for each character. Then I have:

Three grail satshes: normal, ethereal and steel runewords.

Four S/U stashes: ethereal uniques, uniques, set and complet sets.

Two gem stashes: perfect & rest.

Two charm stashes: useable & rollable. I'll probably split the useable to different categories, but it's under 100 items now so I have no problem with it.

Three stashes for rune handling: runes, socketables (including whites) and runewords.

Two jewels stashes: useable & junk (for crafting).

Two utilility item stashes: twink and special. The latter contains various class specific items.

Then I have empty temp stash that is quite handy when running areas. Drop everything in there and sort it out later.

I'm Atma user. I have GoMule installed, but I don't like the feel of it. Maybe i should try it out more. The filtering seems nice.



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Re: How do you organize stashes in your GoMule/ATMA??

I have far too many stashes, but I know where I can find all my gear as it's pretty organised:

Baal Charms
Classic Items
Full Rejuvs
ilvl 90+ amulets (for when I didn't have a 93+ char, suppose I can vendor these now)
Items (Charms, rares, crafts, jewels all find their way here, nearly 2000 items)
Junk Jewels
Misc Gems
Respec Items
Runes 2
Runes Lem+
Skill Charms
S-U 2
S-U Vanilla
and about 10 stashes for individual characters.

There would probably be less if I used GoMule but just not bothered moving across yet.