How do you organise your Diablo II data?


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Hi guys,

My post here got me thinking about how other people organise all those things that come with playing Diablo II.

This is quite open ended, I'm interested in knowing how you structure things both in game and out, the reasons why (is it more efficient?) and anything else you might like to share.

I know there have been periodic questions on 'Stash Organisation' in the past, but things have moved on since those threads (GoMule is way more prevalent).

Things that might be interesting:
  • Inventory and charms (For me, grand charms always go at the top with a small charm underneath them)
  • In game stash (I keep socket fillers in one corner and items with open sockets in the opposite corner to prevent accidents)
  • Naming conventions for GoMule stashes
  • Naming conventions for Screenshots
  • Naming conventions for tournaments
  • Metadata about your characters (tracking spreadsheet - what do you record?)
  • Build plans (Do you use a template? This post was made by copying and pasting stuff from one of my templates for a build plan)
  • Do you use any software to help you bulk name stuff (Bulk Rename Utility) or to help you edit tables for BBCode posts (Notepad++)
Really anything you think is worth sharing. This may help newer members who haven't got as many characters. By having an idea of what the future might hold, they might adopt a futureproof naming convention for stashes that will see them in good stead for a while to come.

A good tip that I use is that I prefix the numbers 1, 2 & 3 etc. to certain stashes in GoMule so that they follow the right hierarchical order. This is because when sorted alphabetically, the names don't sort correctly.

When running a target (non-tournament), I dump everything into a 'to sort' stash so that it doesn't break the flow of my running. Then, I periodically sort out that stash.

Interested to hear your ideas!


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I've seen some interesting ways of organizing on here. One of which I adopted later on (belt related).

Main MF Stash
I usually break the stash of my main MF character down into "four corners":
Upper left -> Valuable jewels and gear
Upper right -> Valuable runes, jewelry and charms
Lower left -> Gems and junk gear
Lower right -> Cube, junk jewelry/jewels
Open socketed items are kept in the cube to prevent accidental filling of valuable runes
Main MF Inventory
I start off from the upper right and work towards the lower left. In case of older patches where you can't buy mana pots, I usually need my whole belt for mana pots. In that case, TP book is kept in upper right, then charms underneath. Grand charms on top, small on bottom. The left-most 2x8 square is left open for picking up items. As you can see below, I keep the cube close to the empty spot so I can quickly move items from my inventory to cube. It's also quicker to sell/identify the items you pick up.
Belt Rows
For non-casters, I like do as follows:
Healing | Healing | Rejuvantion | TP scrolls
For casters:
Healing | Mana | Mana | Mana/rejuv (in 1.10+, replace last slot with TP scrolls)

Muling Names, Metadata
I've always done my muling through LAN games, mainly because I never keep enough items as to needing muling software. In which case, for each patch I keep a few mules for each type prefixed with "Mule_":
Mule_PGems, Mule_Crafting, Mule_Runes, Mule_Junk, Mule_Gear, etc....
I use ATMA mostly for the drop calc, but also keeping logs of my characters and items.

I try to follow the format [patch][item][location].jpg. For example, 09VexCountess.jpg, 13TyraelsBaal.jpg, etc.

Renaming/Text software
I use ATMA to rename characters in newer patches, a hex editor in older ones. I use Notepad++ with several plugins installed for almost everything relating to table. (Hex editor and compare plugin are very handy!)

Runewords, Recipes, etc.
I keep .doc files of all the cube recipes, 1.07-1.10 runewords, etc. I have them printed off to use while playing (got sick of that crappy outdated Brady guide lol).

Character Naming/Build Planning
The character names are related to what the build is about. For example, "Incindia" is similar to "incinerate", which is used on fire-based female characters.
I usually create two characters for a build I want to play. The first is the "test" untwinked build. I play through the game and try to get the hang of the planned skills, which may change later on. The second one is a rushed "template" which is power leveled to level 85+. Once the main play is done, I put everything onto the template so I can have a clean slate based on the mis-allocated stats of the first one. I then refine the build from there, and sometimes might change if a better gear combination is found.


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I just jam things in any old how, like an acid casualty playing Tetris. If I'm aiming for a certain runeword that I don't have all the runes for then I usually separate out the runes I do have for it, mainly as a reminder not to use them for anything else.


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@Oakbrain lol...descriptive!

If you use GoMule, you can filter and find anything anyway, so a big dump is not so bad until the size gets very large.


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Inventory :
While questing, the Cube start at the far right corner and slowly moves left as I pickup more charms. Anything left of the Cube gets chucked, and anything to the right is kept. Lategame, I keep a 2x4 empty space on left of inventory for picking up items. On my recent bowazon though, I started using 2x2 empty space cause I quickly got tired of having to throw away extra arrows. 2x2 lets me 'top off' my arrows without the extra taking up the inventory space.

Stash :
I use a similar "four corners" method, but different types of items are not bound to a specific corner. I simply use the method to help sort items for different stashes in GoMule at the end of the session.

GoMule :
I keep a different project for each character I play - because I play untwinked.

In each project, there one stash respective to that character and these communal stashes : Giveaway, HolyGrail, HolyGrail_Ethreal, HolyGrail_Misc and HolyGrail_Runewords. HolyGrail is for S/U, HolyGrail_Ethreal for the ethreals, HolyGrail_Misc for gems, keys, individual runes and etc, HolyGrail_Runewords for the bases, the runes needed, and the actual runewords themselves. Giveaway stash is effectively a garbage bin; I just chuck any items the characters don't need or any duplicates from the HolyGrail stashes.

Character naming convention :
I literally used to take hours coming up with a name. It's come to a point where I just can't get myself to do that anymore; so I just name them as what they are for. My 99er participants are named Amazon, Paladin, etc. My Title sept chars are named King, Queen, Guardian, Matriarch, etc. For tourney chars - which don't have any yet - I just plan to name the after the title of the tourney.
EDIT2: the only reason I didn't include 99 in there is because 99Sorceress was too long iirc. =P /EDIT2

Screenshots :
[What it is for]_[What it is]_[number for duplicates]. For example, my runcounter screenshots for the TC3 tourney are named TC3_Day1_1, TC3_Day4_3, and etc.
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In each project, there one stash respective to that character and...
Each character I make also gets a personalised stash where I store items they aren't ready to use yet. I also store some key items that they used along the way like a breadcrumb trail (if they aren't needed elsewhere for twinked play).


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For my untwinked 99’er I have finally went with a cube-less inventory, Tome of Identify, Keys, GC’s/SC’s, and an empty 2x4 space. I usually go with the cube and fill the rest with charms, but I really like being able to pick things up on the fly. Having the Tome of Identify readily available is super handy. I still pick up too many things, like blue rings/amulets looking for a perfect MF role.

I keep my stash in a way to not inadvertently socket something, like most people have mentioned. Runes go to the top left and socketables go to bottom right. Jewels and gems go towards top right and items go to bottom left. If I find a particularly good Rune or Jewel I make sure there is a place for it before I move it. I put the cube to the bottom right if it’s not in the inventory.

I just leave my screenshots in the Runewords file they go to that has the RWM stuff in it. For GoMule I started using only stashes after I got tired of creating new characters all the time. Certain things I still like to see, but for the most part stashes are awesome. I name them according to what is in them, and i have different projects for twinked and untwinked characters. There are stashes for as many seperate things as I can think of to help me not forget about certain items, like twinking gear. Sorta like, oh this rare lvl 3 Claw will be excellent to throw on a new Assassin when I start one. If I put it up, I want to make sure it actually gets used and doesnt end up in the ether.


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I don’t rename them, even though it would be easier to keep track of them by grouping the screenshots by what they are shots of. They get a number, and if I want to post one, I just find it and remember the number to post it with.


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Character Inventory:
I like to carry the cube in my toon's inventory when I play. I pick up and ID a lot of stuff, and as a character progresses through they get more charms in their inventory until there is just a 4x2 space left. The cube is in the upper left (so closest to the town stash when that screen is opened), with the Tome of TP and Tome of ID just below that (tome of ID on the right, closer to the items I pick up). That 4x2 spot is to the right of these items, and the rest of the inventory is filled with charms. Unless it is an assassin I keep some keys in the far right lower corner.

Town Stash:
I usually have a 2x2 spot in the lower right where I store magic rings/amulets to cube as I play. Probably some extra rejuvs in the upper right, gems and runes go in the lower left. I might have a random item or two for switching gear in the upper left.

GoMule Stashes:
When I switched from ATMA to GoMule several years ago it really changed the way I organize stashes. I like the separate projects; I use the main one for general HC. Then I have one for general SC, untwinked HC, etc. I keep most items in a single stash, but still have separate ones for:
  • crafting (jewels & items)
  • perfect gems (a few magic items to reroll in there)
  • chip gems (same as previous)
  • runes
  • jewels
  • twinking items (below lvl 18 req)
  • potential imbues and iron golem fodder
  • and a few others
The search filters and functions in GoMule allow me to keep everything in one stash, as opposed to my SC stashes from ATMA where I had one for sets, one for uniques, etc. For my "Untwinked HC" project I have the character files loaded up, and each character gets 3 stashes, one of which becomes obsolete by Nightmare difficulty: Gear, Cubing, and Selling. All gems, runes and crafting fodder get put in the cubing stash, other things go in gear stash. Selling stash is for stuff that sells for 25k+ gold.

Other Data:
To track my items (grail), I use the old excel spreadsheet made by someone called "Death Dealer" that I found through the SPF probably over a decade ago. I keep one for SC and one for HC. I put a 1 in the column that counts the stats and sometimes another number or letter code in the adjacent column to let me know if I have duplicates or the item is lost on a deeded character.

I don't really have much else in the way of D2 data. I don't take many screenshots and don't have a spreadsheet with all my characters listed (although that sounds like a good idea - I enjoy making spreadsheets so now I might have to do that).


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No organisation here, I'm afraid. A few stashes in GoMule, but even there most of my stuff is in one big stash (6000+ items). Screens? no renaming, just the automatic numbering.

With GoMule's option to filter, I don't see the need for big changes there. The schreenshots though ... I should really take the time to rename them and put them in different maps.


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I'm using 5 stashes, using ATMA:

Runes, gems, junk jewels etc. for crafting, cubing and runeword rerolling
Other runes below Um
Runes Um and higher
Leveling stuff
All the rest

I might have another look at GoMule... soon... but not this week... hmm, at some time in the not too distant future.


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I'm a bit more organised since last time :). Renaming and seperate folders for pics. A few more stashes for different stuff in GoMule.


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I have to make a clean up during the summer. I have way to many unorganized spreadsheets, graphs, build templates/ideas, random screenshots and video clips to make any sense of it right now :p