How do you MF without getting realm downs?


How do you MF without getting realm downs?

I've been experiencing a problem lately over doing MF runs. If you join too many game in too short of time then you get a realm down for an hour, so how are you supposed to MF without getting realmdowns every 15 games? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


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Take time between ending and creating games works most of the time or add more things to your mf runs.


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expand your mfing,i currently do meph,pindle and baal,sometimes countess on the side.takes roughly 20 minutes and no rd.


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Pit, crypt, mausoleum, and ancient tunnels are my personal favorites :drink:

Diablo added on every other run or so to spice them up a little :wink2:
yes dont just do pindle everygame like certain people i know. =o

i do shenk pindle eldritch, meph, andy, and rotate between baal and pits on even and odd runs.

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If you use maphack: Turn it off. You'll wander around, and die. Then you'll realize you'll find more items by killing everything around, rather than just the big, bad boss.

Persoanlly, I'm totally legit, so I can't really afford to do quick boss runs. Solo pitting + Baaling does the job. You wouldn't believe how many items I found on my way there...


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I run shenk, pindle, baal, diablo, countess, meph, andy, and sometimes cows. This set of runs usually takes about an hour, and hits so many bosses that the rewards are worth it