How do you make a Zealdin ?


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How do you make a Zealdin ?

K I got the gear down. Hella lot of Life Steal and stuff but ... well I just donno the full skills///stats lol. Please help!:cry:

a brick

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well, it depends on pvm or pvp for stats. i dont know about pvp so much, but i can assume that you put enough points into dex for max block with holy shield and rest into vit. for pvm tho, imo a ton of life is unnecessary, i only need about 1k cus you shud be leeching enough, and even if you have 5k life, iron maiden will still kill you. so, i would put a bunch into str, enough in dex for max block with holy shield, and rest into vit in order to get 1k-1.5k life.

as for skills:
20-holy shield

rest for pvm: i like to put a few points into a variety of auras like redemption, cleansing and vigor. then rest into charge(helps for traveling)

rest for pvp: i think(!!!) 1 point into charge for mobility and rest into defiance
hope this helped


Eilo Rytyj

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If you're using Charge just for travelling, 1 point is enough.

I personally max Fanaticism as soon as possible, it gives the biggest bonus per skill point (out of Fanaticism, Zeal and Sacrifice), 17% damage, 5% AR and IAS per point. Sacrifice comes next, 12% damage per point. Zeal should be maxed last, giving 6% damage and 10% AR per point. That way results in the most damage as early as possible.

Redemption, Salvation, Cleansing and Vigor all deserve a point.

My Zealot has no mana leech, instead relying on Redemption if mana gets low. It's only an issue against mana burn monsters.

Cleansing is essential for places like Chaos, WSK and anywhere you get cursed. Keep it on a hotkey if you get cursed, then make a "strategic retreat" to clear the curse.

Salvation is almost essential if running Uber Tristram, and anywhere your resists can't keep up. A good example is facing Gloams/Souls with less-than-max lightning resist.

With max Holy Shield and Fanaticism, you can become a decent Smiter when required (bosses). There is really very little difference between 1 point Smite (15% off-weapon ed%) and 20 Smite (300% off-weapon ed%).

Where to place extra skill points at high levels is entirely up to you. The most common place is Defiance, for it's synergy with Holy Shield.

You may even want to consider a single point in Vengeance. Depending on what weapon(s) you use, it can be a decent PI solution, but there are better options.


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Thank you both very much!!! So far, my zealdin has about 30% LS (But he can't use the gear yet!!! :cry: ) And about 7-8% mana leech. I got very good gear saved up (or at least I think it's good :grin: ). But anyways, my char's coming along perfectly (besides me spazzing because some ... not so smart meany killed andariel without TPing and also because I keep getting my connection lost :cry: :cry: )