How do you maintain focus and enthusiasm in DII?


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How do you maintain focus and enthusiasm in DII?

Hi all.

I thought I'd post something to try to garner a little help. I'm not an intense DII player. I just play it for fun and relaxation. Currently I have about a half dozen chars going: A HC fishy to avenge my fallen Mort; A SC cookie FO/Blizz Sorc to see if I could finally get a char to Hell; a MA 'sin (just cause I think they're fun!), a Polebarb, a dual sword barb and an axebarb.

But the problem I have is in combating boredom. My sorc has been fun because I've been finding my first "2nd tier" runes (Shael, Dol and Ko so far) and seeing a few of the nicer uniques.

I thought I would find out what other people do to keep them motivated and focussed in order to get a char up to the higher levels.

I'm pretty much a n00b (dons fire retardent clothing) at this game as the highest I've ever gotten in DII is NM Arcane Sanctuary!

Any tips for a bear?



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Motivation comes in the form of planning chars and see how they turn out. Like my dream multizon using CoH, Silence and all the bells and whistles.

Or taking untwinked chars and having the sense of accomplishment when you pat/mat them.

Or the goal of a grail.

Mainly NM is just grinding through to see how they stand up in hell. Normal is a breeze, but still a bit boring at times.


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For me, the fun comes with trying out new characters and fun new skills. A lot of my characters come about when MPing and seeing a skill in action, and then wanting to try one out like it, or just looking through skill trees and picking an interesting skill. This is how my Frenzy barb came to be. Just pick builds that seem fun to you, and not necessarily cookie-cutter ones that everyone has.

Also, I find a lot of enjoyment in getting a character to hell for the first time and doing Meph/Pindle/Baal runs or whatever and finding items that you've never seen before. This is the case with me, almost every day my MF sorc finds a new piece of equipment that I've had before. Eventually, as I get closer and closer to finding most items in the game, this may be less exciting, but there's nothing like running Pindle for the 2000th time or more and finding the one TC87 that you've wanted for so long.

Have fun with all your characters!

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I find it just pays to not force yourself to play when you don't feel like it. Let the game draw you back when you feel ready. Personally I play different games depending on how I feel at the time. For me DII is a nice relaxing game where I can do a few hundred Pindle runs when I don't feel like concentrating on some other game that takes thought. Set yourself little goals to achieve (or big goals - mine are grail and enigma) and just work towards them a little at a time. I don't think though that there's some magic way of making yourself feel like playing if you just don't.

Best of luck!


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For me, I maintained interest in Diablo by moving from Battlenet to SP.

But, to answer your actual question:

I like building melee builds. Melee is my favorite. However, it is my personal opinion that for melee builds to be truly effective, they need the best gear. So I really only use my caster/other rapid killers to find items to equip my melee chars with. Having a powerful melee char is just so much cooler than a speedy caster. I love taking on a huge pack with my melee chars and emerging victorious. Very satisfying.


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I can share plenty of tips for beer :D
Oh you meant the other kind of bear :(

Where in NZ ya from? I used to live in Hamilton but moved to wonderfully sunny and warm Canada instead...:rolleyes:

Anyway back on topic:

Try getting each of the characters thru in hardcore (my current project)

Play ironman style, using only what you find (start off with no equipment/pots/scrolls for an extra challenge if you like - that cracked club never looked so useful until you've played like this)

Like others have said, try different builds - cookiecutters do tend to get a bit boring after a while.

Another challenge is to try to complete the grail...

Lots of ways to keep the game interesting - you just gotta find one that appeals to you


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Having a break now and then is not to be sneezed at either - even if only for a few days, or a few weeks or as is usal in my case a few months! But I always, always keep D2 installed because all of a sudden I get into an *omg I MUST play D2 frenzy* =)


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I find it just pays to not force yourself to play when you don't feel like it. Let the game draw you back when you feel ready. Personally I play different games depending on how I feel at the time. For me DII is a nice relaxing game where I can do a few hundred Pindle runs when I don't feel like concentrating on some other game that takes thought. Set yourself little goals to achieve (or big goals - mine are grail and enigma) and just work towards them a little at a time. I don't think though that there's some magic way of making yourself feel like playing if you just don't.

Best of luck!
Exactly! For me, its been 4-5ys and D2 is something where even doing a pit run means I've had some progress. Just playing it a little now and then would be fine enough.


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is there something else out there? I've been playing Diablo/Hellfire/DII/LOD for as long as it's out (9 or 10 years I believe).

Having fun is the main key, even if it's not a goal. If you want a char in hell, you should have fun trying it.

I just recently started a new and fresh character (SPL Ladder). He is untwinked, SC and just killed Duriel on Hell last night.

My time is also limited (family with 2 kids, work, house that need work) and for me it is better to focus just a few characters (2 or 3 at most, mostly just 1), otherwise I loose interest.



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I don't keep interest, in any game. I have a disgustingly short attention span with games, which is why I tend to practically vanish from gaming communities, only to return a year later and have people ask me "where the hell did you go?"

Really, the draw of D2, for me, is in both the thrill of finding a new item or the satisfaction of following a character from meticulous concept and development of the type of character I want to play all the way until completion, and then reaping the benefits. I can't tell you exactly what that satisfaction is though, because usually I get within 90% of my goal on a given game, and then quit due to frustration. I'm like the dumbest of blondes except I'm not extremely dumb and I have almost black hair ;)

I know from this though, that my interest in D2 will flag only when I have found most of the items and finding the remnant is a chore rather than a delight (this is why I dislike trading even though I play B-net.. trading for stuff will make the game's appeal diminish quickly. Plus, finding a new uber item is just too special :) ). Either this, or I get too frustrated with trying to complete a character and make them absolutely perfect, so I give up and move onto a game and repeat the same damn cycle over and over again :p

To answer your question on a short term perspective though, occasionally there are times where I don't feel like playing D2. Those times, I sit back, and think why not... and I realize it's because I'm too tired from staying up playing D2 the night before :D So I take a nap... and enjoy D2 again.

If you're feeling the D2 blues, try taking a nap. It works for 100% of known D2 blues-related ailments!

Edit: I guess I didn't read your question fully. I don't really have to deal with the boredom of playing through Normal and NM because I play on B-net. Really, the only reason I play B-net and not SP is because I hate Normal and NM mode. You can grind through N/NM in a few days at most on B-net. In fact, I've both beaten NM and gotten my character to level 75 in a fairly intense two days. So I don't really have to worry about that.


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Yeah, but I don't have a rusher and am happy with MP for now :p It is too much of a setback for me. I've decided to stay with MP and I'm pretty happy with that. Living the SP lifestyle on MP is hard, but almost as rewarding :)


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necrolemming said:
You do know that you can rush yourself with just one computer in SP, right?
No you cant(or can you?) you can x-fer quest items from one char to another one but rushing. I think that you need 2 players to do that.


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I absolutely love Diablo II.

I still like the gameplay after 4 years...I don't find it boring or repetitious, I still like to go out of town and smack some monsters. And having recently converted to 1.10 it's almost like a new game. I also play my own mod so I actually have 3 different games (with 1.09) to choose from each with it's own benefits.

There's always a new build you can try..especially in 1.10 with synergies and new interesting items.

There's always the thrill of a new item dropping.

Character planning and item analysises...Maybe I'm just a total geek but I love to make weapon comparisons and spreadsheets and such.

Improving your character is lots of fun, you get that satisfaction that your character is getting better and better instead of just playing any other game where you don't really have anything to show for your play time.

Of course the SPF helps too, with lots of cool people to talk with and discuss Diablo II with.

Shadolupin: You can actually rush with only 1 computer...You just need a powerful one so you can run 2 copies of Diablo II on the same computer.


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My ability to maintain interest is a result of my playing style. Contrary to some people who have posted in this thread, I actually enjoy the game from start to finish. From smacking the first Quill Rat in the Blood Moor to the nice feeling of completion when a freshly-baked Guardian kills the Cow King (I always leave him for last), or the agonizing and gruesome death of the character.

I come from a background of Single Player Diablo 1, and there it was stupid to leave things unkilled, because you needed every resource you could get your greedy hands on. The saving system was very different from D2. Everything was exactly as when you saved, all items in town were still there, killed monsters were still dead (no respawning). When I started to play D2, I hated the saving system (I still do!). I wanted it to be like D1, so I did what I could to make it work like it was in D1. Kill everything once, no repeating of areas.

I have never multiplayed at all (if you don´t count the hour where I showed a couple of character builds to a friend and we admired each others´ items) and for a long time, I didn´t know that people 1.) didn´t always kill all the monsters, or even avoided areas partly or completely, 2.) moved items between characters (and also traded) and 3.) killed some areas/bosses (like Mephisto) repeated times to look for items and to gain experience points. I was surprised, I had never thought of doing it like that. And it wasn´t just a few players who did it, it was the norm. This got me thinking, and I stopped playing for about a week, pondering if I should also play like this.

The answer was a resounding "NOO, I´ll keep doing it the D1 way!". That has been the best decision ever in my computer-gaming "career".

So no matter the build, SC or HC (but SC rarely happens anymore), no matter the /players setting, I stick to the basics of untwinked, full clear once.

* I never get spoiled by good items in the early game. Every new character will bug Fara and Elzix, hoping to find a high-end pair of Coral gloves of Fortune (or similar). Every Small Charm has the potential to be an end-game worthy item. The next boss just might drop a Gull, you just never know.
Every chippie might be the one I finally use to cube myself a socketed Cruel elite weapon (if I do). Every early crappy ring might be the one I use to cube myself a nice Garnet Amulet of Fortune with, later at level 24. Every wand I find might be valuable enough for me to be able to get enough gold to gamble some MF boots before I reach Bone Ash. And so on. There are small goals to be found everywhere in the game.

* I never know exactly how my item setup will look like in the different parts of the game. You can count on a lot of things, but many are in the dark. This appeals a lot to me. This way, if I happen to like a build a LOT, I can even play it again, and the result in progress and item gathering will likely be very different. Talk about replayability!

* Although my playing style prevents me to make some character builds (Whirlwind assassins, Werebear sorcs, Ribcracker anything :D , etc.) all my reasonably solid builds (even ones that people claim "ooh, they´re so item dependant!") that have survived to Hell have been able to make progress there, at least on /p1. Some have died, but none have hit a brick wall. Besides, some really wacky builds are not meant for Hell, and even making progress in NM can be a bonus.

* Because of my playstyle, I don´t get tired of any areas in the game. My favourite areas tend to be those that most players absolutely hate. I don´t know why...

* I have never seen anything set/unique in a TC higher than that of a Viperfork. 'Passion' is by far the most "advanced" runeword I´ve made. On the other hand, I know the name and abilities of every superunique in the game, I know almost all crafted, socketing and upgrading recipes by heart, and I am a devil when it comes to knowing what affixes can spawn on what items, at which item levels, and which vendors can sell it.

* Imbuing and socketing quests are really interesting with my playstyle, because it´s always the character that has completed the quest that will be the potential user of the item. It´s fascinating. The longer I wait, the bigger is the chance that I will make an end-game worthy item, but the longer I wait, the less there will be left of the game to use said item!


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Shadolupin said:
No you cant(or can you?) you can x-fer quest items from one char to another one but rushing. I think that you need 2 players to do that.
Well, there goes nubbylemming's theory of rushing with only one comp :D



How keep up the intrest?
- Play only when you feel like playing ;)


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Well, first of all, if I hadn't made the decision to start playing hardcore (about three years ago I think) I would have stopped playing a long time ago. I had some patriarchs/matriarchs and I felt like I needed a challenge. Hardcore proved to be just what I needed. You'd be surprised how many times a character dies or has a near death experience in normal or nightmare when you realise your first death will also be your last! Took the boredom away for sure!

So at first my goal was to get a Guardian. That took me several tries, but eventually I got one (a cookie cutter sorc). Then I felt like trying out other character classes, so I did. A bit later again I discovered the fun of magic finding. I still remember the first Occulus I found... I was absolutely convinced that it was the best item ever! If only it hadn't been found by my amazon (didn't have ATMA at that time).

Then there was patch 1.10 which gave us synergies and mosters that hit harder and have more hitpoints. I liked (and still like) it a lot.

Then there's the most fun aspect of this board (IMHO): the tournaments. I love a challenge, and the weird rules some people can come up with certainly provides plenty of challenge. In A Quick Tournament III I finally managed to make a no vit, no shield, no act 2/5 merc, no twinking Guardian (a Bowazon) and I am still proud of myself for that. :D

As much as I like playing untwinked, I also like to try and build twinked cookie cutters who are suited well for magic finding. I already have a sorc for Hell Mephisto, and I'm in the process of building a Hammerdin (twinked to the max) for Baal runs.

And then there's my current project: Lower Kurast runs. I am looking for runes and skillers, in the hopes of finally being able to make a runeword higher then Stone.


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what keeps me stuck to this game and returning after breaks?

- SP - actually I find it far more addictive than where I originally came from.
- new styles of playing in tournaments - I'd never have "wasted" a thought on building an untwinked HC no vit, no shield, no meleemerc type of character during my time on and I'd have missed so much challenge and fun!
- generally the term "untwinked" becomes more and more interesting to me
- I started to collect an SC grail but I am not too addicted to that. - I do my SC runs with my meteorb but more or less only if I can't spare the time to play my two HC tournament chars which are my main objectives at the moment.
- sharing so much knowledge in this forum keeps me mentally close to the game
- last but not least: the huge variety of items and therefor the possibilities to equip the same char differently for different purposes


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after several years of DII (i'm playing DII from the beginning) i still haven't achieved all goals i want.

i have never found a soj or a tal rashas armor, not to mention runes like zod.
i have never built a trapsin, elemental druid or hunter.
i haven't built a elemental sin, bowazon or meleedruid since 1.08.
in 1.10 there are more builds possible due to synergies, i've to try these builds.

if i get bored, i join or host a mp game.
actually i'm participating (i hate this word, isn't there any other word for german 'teilnehmen'?) in the mfl, to make mf more exciting. i think i'll join other tourneys in the near future.

mfg nobo
To keep me motivated i have a wide selection of unerpowered build, which 1 day i will get them all to pat, but it will take alot of commitment and time. I also have a couple of uber builds for that ego boosting instant kill. (3 fishys and a blizz sorc make up most of my baal runs)